Workplace Health – No Smoking In The Office

The world looks to workplace health as the answer to one of the world?s most pressing concerns, healthcare. Because the majority of men and women are at wo…

Workplace health results in changes not just at the company level, but beyond the boundaries of work. People are at much in the workplace than at any other place most of their lives and any health policies at work tends to translate to the national level as well. Studies have also shown that having a good working health program at work decreases absenteeism, improves productivity and generally increases the bottom line of the company.

It?s amazing how workplace health is able to influence majority of the population into being more health conscious and health smart. Employees at work are taught and pass down good health practices to their family and friends, who then pass it on to others. Thus, it?s safe to say that to tackle the issues of healthcare today, both public and private sectors of the country should work hand in hand.

This article takes a closer inspection of a few of the top workplace health programs currently being implemented around the world. Programs such as diet and nutrition awareness programs, stop smoking policies, breast cancer and cervical cancer for women and AIDS prevention programs. The logic and bulk of these programs can easily be emulated in any workplace.

While it doesn?t seem very much related to the workplace AIDS is very much a concern throughout the world, and with more and more sexual relationships among coworkers it is important to create employee awareness on the seriousness of AIDS. Important elements any AIDS program needs to include are the dangers of AIDS, the ways of getting it, why maintaining safe sex is important and why you need to have early and regular HIV screening. Workplace health programs like this are at the forefront in the battle against AIDS.

Company workplace health programs should take into account specific women health issues since women make up a significant portion of the workforce. Issues like breast cancer should be included in any company health initiative. Creating breast cancer awareness is a good thing, but giving free mammography screening is better as it helps women employee detect breast cancer early on.

Cervical cancer is very common among women, and companies should place it high in their agenda to create awareness regarding it. Companies should also promote and bear at least some of the cost of administering cervical cancer vaccines among its employees. However, getting cervical cancer vaccines may not be enough for some, so going to your regular workplace health Pap smear screening is still recommended.

Smokers know that smoking kills and is bad for their health, yet there is no stopping them from taking a puff from cigarettes. Because of peer pressure in the office, people tend to smoke more at work than in any other place. While smoking may or may not help relieve stress, it is important to understand that smoking does not help or contribute positively to workplace health.

We are what we eat, therefore food and nutrition should be a big part in any workplace health program. Everywhere you look there are tons of junk food, preservatives, artificial flavorings all around that don?t do anything for one?s health. Creating awareness and even providing diet and nutrition guides to employees and making sure employee canteen?s and vending machines only provide clean, natural and organic food stuff can do some really good things for employee health.

Admittedly, this article is not the most comprehensive piece of writing when it comes to workplace health. It was only with the hopes of a partnership between company and employee that this article was written. Nonetheless, the individual is still the center of attraction as only he or she can truly change his or her own lifestyle.