Why Canadian Health Care is better

Delivered under Canada Health Act of 1984, Canada's health care is one of the best in the world. The country's health care system is publ…

Delivered under Canada Health Act of 1984, Canada’s health care is one of the best in the world. The country’s health care system is publicly funded and common treatments can be accessed for free. Although publicly funded, most healthcare services are provided by private entities. Although the national government assures of quality health care, it is the responsibility of provincial governments to ensure that all their citizens access free health care and in case of specialized care, the same remains affordable.

Indeed the Medicare system available in all the country’s provinces has made it possible for Canadians to access healthcare services with ease. This does not however mean that there is no private health insurance.

The major factor that continues to make Canadian health care affordable is the minimal advertising practices. This cuts down on expenses, which much of revenue generated going towards provision of healthcare. Furthermore, Canadians generally do not pay deductibles or co-pays on basic health care. Where co-pays are applicable, the cost is very minimal.

The country’s health care system works in such a way that every individual enrolling with the Medicare program receives a health card from the Provincial Ministry of Health, with the card covering almost all basic health care needs. Both infertility and maternity services are also covered. Although dental and vision problems are not covered, the same are insured by employers. However, dental and vision problems are covered by Medicare cards in use in some provinces.

Another reason why Canadian health care is better is the fact that while a big percentage of health care services are through private entities, it is the public that funds the same. As a matter of fact, majority of doctors do not receive salaries buy are instead offered a fee for patient visits or services offered. This means that Canadians are not obligated to access doctors in government health facilities in order to receive free or affordable treatment.

Although physician to patient ratio is still below the ratio required internationally, it must be appreciated that Canada has the highest number of registered and practicing nurses. This has gone a long way in lessening the burden that doctors have to bear. Although Canadian doctors do not receive any salary, the pay they receive as pay for their services is far above salaried doctors. The payment range of between US$165,000 and $230,000 every year continues to serve as a motivation factor, which has made Canadian doctors offer their best while attending to patients.

Perhaps the main reason why the Canadian health care is better is how the country’s system is structured, which makes it possible for quality standards to be maintained. Although the national government is responsible for ensuring high quality and affordable health care for all Canadians, each of the ten provinces have their own self-governing College of Physicians and Surgeons. These entities are responsible for licensing practicing physicians and surgeons and setting health care standards. The entities are also responsible for investigating and taking appropriate action on members who indulge in unethical practices.