When Curing Cancer Becomes a Crime

Since time immemorial, progressive thinking scientists, physicians, therapists have been persecuted, sued, had their labs destroyed and research papers sto…


All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident

© Mike Cavalli

Since time immemorial, progressive thinking scientists, physicians, therapists have been persecuted, sued, had their labs destroyed and research papers stolen. Scores of other visionaries were ridiculed for challenging the status quo of day, including such legends as Roentgen for his X-rays, Morton on the ‘absurd’ idea of anaesthesia, Semmelweiss endeavoured to convince surgeons of the need to sterilize their instruments. Pasteur was ridiculed for his theory that germs could cause disease. William Harvey, (circulation of blood, 1628), James L. Baird, (television camera), Nikola Tesla, (Earth electrical resonance), Wilbur & Orville Wright, (flying machines) and so on.

Andrew Harris is the latest in a long line of pioneers of notoriety to suffer the wrath of a kainotophobic, PC society, which claims to protect us from snake oil salesman & charlatans, yet, greatly restricts and some cases prohibits us from  choosing the health

care program of our choice.

He was convicted under the rarely-used Cancer Act 1939, which makes it illegal to offer a cure for cancer or to offer advice on how to treat the disease in any advertisement by someone outside the medical profession, The product in question, Triamazon, a natural non-toxic alternative for treating all types of cancer.

Even Jonathan Coupe, executive councillor for environmental services at Trafford Council, said: “This is an unusual and rare case under legislation that is nearly 70 years old.

But Andrew Harris is no exception, for we must turn our attention to the beginning of the 20th century where the annals of history can offer us some insight, a pattern, to how this scenario will be played out.

 In 1924 the illustrious Harry Hoxsey opened his first cancer clinic using herbal formulas reputed to have been developed by his great-grandfather, consisting of caustic herbal pastes and or  herbal tonics combined with vitamin supplements, and changes in diet

Reviews by major medical authorities, the likes of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, had found no evidence that the Hoxsey therapy is an effective treatment for cancer. However, these were only reviews and yet, albeit to the repeated requests made by Hoxsey for such a test. Despite the thousands of patients who had regained their health using his grandfathers formula, neither the AMA, the FDA, nor NCI ever bothered to test — fairly and scientifically, Yet both the AMA and FDA dismissed the potion as “worthless, without any therapeutic merit in the treatment of cancer” – In the JAMA 1954 the AMA insisted that “any intelligent physician could testify that all these substances were worthless”. The government, it appears, was more interested in closing his clinic down than in scientifically testing his tonic In 1960 it finally succeeded.  Throughout those 36 years that preceded his clinic’s closure, Hoxsey was harassed by medical boards, the AMA, and FDA. 119 times Between 1926-1931 he was arrested for practicing medicine without a license and over 100 times between 1937-1939 after setting up his Texas clinic.

At the forgoing  FDA trial, all Hoxsey’s case histories were dismissed as lacking in evidence and neither the FDA nor the NCI provided any detail counter evidence or laboratory trials on cancer efficacy or otherwise.  Commissioner Larrick warned Hoxsey publicly in 1956. 1954 saw  an independent team of US physicians making a two-day inspection of Hoxsey’s clinic, then in Dallas, and concluded that he was ‘successfully treating pathologically proven cases of cancer, both internal and external, without the use of surgery, radium or x-ray’.

 Even in 1965, the notorious Morris Fishbein, former long term editor of JAMA and voice of American Medicine for 40 years referred to Hoxsey as a charlatan and talked of “ghouls and cancer quacks”. This coming from the man who wrote several books extremely critical of “medical quackery.” calling chiropractic a “malignant tumour,” whilst considering Osteopathy and Homeopathy “cults.” Hoxsey sued Fishbein – and won. However, Patricia Ward in her report to Congress quoted this sort of attitude as setting the “low level of discourse and the emotional rather than analytical tone”. 

Recent literature, however, does show that the ingredients do have merit. Pokeweed – triggers the immune systems, increases lymphocytes and increases levels of immunoglobulin. Burdock – considerable anti-tumour activity uniquely capable of reducing mutagenicity  Burberry – anti-tumour activity contains lycbetaine, an anti-tumour substance. Buckthorn – anti-leukaemia substances. Anthraquinone works against tumours. Stillingia and prickly ash, have anti-inflammatory or anaesthetic properties.

Since those early years of 1924 and 84 years later, the question has to be asked, why have none of the government agencies scientifically tested Hoxsey’s formula to either validate or discredit his claims!

Squeezed between the life and death of Harry Hoxsey  was the brilliant scientist Royal Raymond rife, (1888 – 1971) who arguably discovered single handily bioelectric medicine, which, is still used today in the fields of  optics, electronics,

radiochemistry, biochemistry, ballistics, and aviation.

When a true genius appears in this world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. – Jonathan Swift

Rife’s treatments were based upon a mechanical application of frequency to the body. Unlike traditional medical treatments which depended on the bodies own immune system to be strong enough to accept drugs in order to kill a virus, his discovery moved the paradigm of healing. No longer did the body have to destroy the virus, but merely rid the dead or neutralized disease from the system through the body’s own

natural  function.

Rife discovered that any disease can be eliminated with frequencies based on its individual electromagnetic signature and after almost 20,000 unsuccessful  attempts, he finally isolated and identified the human cancer virus, and named it Cryptocides Primordiales.

In 1934, Rife’s San Diego Laboratory and clinic received a Special Medical Research Committee from UCSC, a team of doctors and pathologists were assigned to examine 16 terminal cancer patients brought from Pasadena County Hospital. After 90 days of treatment they concluded that 85% of the patients had complete remission. Rife adjusted his frequency for the remaining15% who were also cured, making his treatment a resounding 100% success. Royal Rife was honored at a banquet entitled “The End To All Diseases”

The Beam Ray Instrument, as it was called, was huge, so huge in fact that Royal Rife began collaborating with electrical engineer Philip Hoyland to make a smaller, more portable and practical version, from here on the whole business got very messy.

Rife & his new technology attracted the attention of the notorious AMA editor Morris


The Beam Ray corporation, a manufacturing company for rife, was issued with a law suit from board director Philip Hoyland to force a new board that would include members favorable to Fishbein & AMA.  Why Hoyland sued is still very ambiguous, but he lost, however his assisted legal aid certainly racked up the defense expenses and as a consequence made the corporation bankrupt.  Since the AMA could not gain control of Rife’s work, Fishbein decided to crush it. Doctors were told to get rid of their Beam Ray Instruments or lose membership in the AMA.

A New Jersey lab which was independently validating Rife’s work was burnt by arsonists, then, Dr. Millbank Johnson, a keen advocate of Rife was fatally poisoned hours before he was due to give a talk on the 100% cure of terminal patients. Just about 40 miles from Rife’s lab, Dr Nemens, who himself had some success, was killed by a mysterious fire in his lab. Raymond Royal Rife became a broken man, an alcoholic, and was also pronounced dead at Grossmont Hospital by an accidental lethal dose of Valium.

The are numerous tragic stories about other single minded genii, Dr Koch a brilliant free radical  chemist  who understood that whilst our cells take in the vital oxygen supply, it also takes in the toxic garbage within itself, he too was killed by arsenic injected in his toothpaste.

Dr Bob Beck who never had anything to sell, re-discovered suppressed medical information which enhance the immune system and kill every organism that isn’t supposed to be there, now known as The Beck Protocol.

I  read an article in Science News that was published March 30, 1991. On page 207, it described the “shocking” treatment proposed for AIDS by Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, which had accidentally discovered a way to cure all AIDS. So I looked into this, and I found that a paper on an AIDS cure had been presented to a Joint Congress on Combination Therapies in Washington, D.C., on March 14, 1991, at the First International Symposium on Combination Therapy. When I attempted to find a copy of this paper to see what it said, I found that they had all vanished or were cut out of the proceedings. We hired a private investigator who got a personal abstract copy from one of the conference attendees. I also did a computer search and found that the only other mention of this technology was in “Outer Limits” in Longevity Magazine which appeared in the December, 1992, issue. It stated that Steven Kaali, M.D., from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, had found a way of inhibiting AIDS in blood, but that years of testing would be required before the virus-electrocuting device was ready for use. In other words, they discovered it and then tried to cover it up immediately. But a very funny thing happened. Two years later, a patent popped up. The U.S. Government Patent Office described the entire process. You can obtain Patent #5188738 in which the same Dr. Kaali describes a process, which will attenuate any bacteria or virus (including AIDS/HIV), parasites and all fungi contained in the blood, rendering them ineffective from infecting a normally healthy human cell.

Perhaps Basil Earl Wainwright who discovered the polyatomic aphersis is  arguably  one of the most colourful characters in alternative therapies.  labelled a career criminal for  selling unapproved ozone generators as a cure for serious illnesses such as cancer and AIDS. Today, Ozone, is still one of the most misunderstood elements of our time and is considered in USA as a toxic gas “with no medical uses” It is in the eyes of FDA an unapproved drug,  which  probably explains why the prolific author and investigate journalist Ed MaCabe  or “Mr Oxygen” as he is known,  in his early research years, had his house  raided, computer, notebooks & research papers confiscated, imprisoned for 18 months and was also  “sent to live” with criminally insane patients for “valuation” where for 18 days he was locked in arm, leg and waist chains. Today oxygen therapy is a thriving industry with products ranging from portable water ozonators, oxygen supplements, ozone saunas and with around 3000 Dr’s in Germany practicing ozone treatment ranging from autohemotherapy, – Insufflation – Ingestion – Ozonated water. bagging, ozonated olive oil; cupping with a funnel and Ozone  steam sauna .

Although  natural non toxic remedy’s cannot claim to cure, there is reasonable cause to argue that this rule should also apply to pharmaceutical drugs unless it can be proven unequivocally that of an exceptionally high cure rate, for  it is common knowledge that not all drugs “cure” people, furthermore through the passage of time, many drugs have had to be recalled  due adverse effects and deaths, presumably oversight or unknown side effects of the long term problems of the drug being tested are just some of the contributory factors.  Avandia, baycol, rezullin, vioxx, to name but  a few. Another problem facing the pharmaceutical is the closer scrutiny (after the horse has bolted) of certain products. With around 40 million people taking prozac for depression, research made and published on the  25th October on government website pubmed  concluded that  “Pimozide augmentation of fluoxetine treatment for body dysmorphic disorder was no more effective than placebo, even in more delusional patients”

The latest study on the checked history of Warafin published in Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology, showed an increased risk of death if a consumer suffers a hemorrhagic stroke from having larger amounts of bleeding in the brain. Even common prescription drugs for Asthma such as Fluticasone can have some of the most horrendous side effects including respiratory tract infection, shortness of breath, wheezing, and worsening of asthma,

There needs to be worldwide unilateral classification and transparency  on products relating to our  health. The United States, arguably one of the mot oppressive regimes with regard to medical choice, Virginia Vs Cherixx being the latest offing, does allow for example Californian citizens the right to grow small quantities either personally or communally  “medical marijuana”, Dr’s in Austria can and often do prescribe marijuana for pain relief, whilst In UK, although it has been decriminalized, marijuana is not prescribed and is therefore used underground by many people to relive suffering

 The case for, Colloidal Silver ” natures antibiotic” to be taking seriously is growing, yet no major study has been authored. Manuka honey, another not toxic product is been used impregnated into dressings successfully in the wound care clinic and on the maxillofacial ward since January 2008 at Royal Surrey County Hospital.

 DMSO, largely used by sportsman and women to aid  quick repair to injury, (although no team physicians will admit to it) has the remarkable capacity to aid any medication through the blood brain barrier, Dmso as chronicled in Dr morton Walker’s wonderfully penned book DMSO natures healer, has, to it’s misfortune been labelled a wonder drug, the silver bullet, even so, used as a stand alone drug, Arthritis suffers, Downs syndrome children, Sciatica, and many other victims of discomfort and those of serious medical conditions have reported remarkable benefits or “spontaneous remission”, the term now favoured by natural therapists to avoid prosecution.

But there probably never will be a major study on these two natural products and many others like them for the simple reason that they cannot be patented and therefore no drug company will invest the millions of pounds required before it can go on the market under their brand name. Sadly the big drug companies are PLC’s or corporations and are legally bound to show an increase in returns to their shareholders which they do with uncompromising efficiency.

According to Triamazon website, The Medicines Healthcare Regulatory Authority (who accept money from pharmaceutical industry), raided and took Triamazon for   testing back in February 2008. Eight months on they have neither handed over the test results nor issued any health concerns. It is common sense and in the public interest, if only to dispel any thoughts of complicity, that Triamazon should be thoroughly and independently investigated with the results being made public. But this latest non toxic alternative cancer treatment, has, either by fate or chance, attracted the media attention, maybe this alone does not merit a closer scrutiny at the product, or that the proprietor claims to have had complete remission from Triamazon, the fact however, is that the complaints which were made, were about Andrew Harris breaking the cancer act of 1939, not the product from which he offers independent proof that Triamzon is a viable therapy for cancer,There is no ruling to stop any other individuals or business marketing this product, but for now Triamazon has been withdrawn and Andrew Harris been barred from selling it and bound over to keep the peace for two years or risk facing imprisonment.

The law is an ass, as it has often in the past, successfully shot itself in the foot. Under the freedom of speech act, Andrew Harris, presumably is now entitled, within reason to express his personal views on what ever he chooses, as do us all, and  as a consequence this ruling has achieved absolutely nothing and the judiciary may have indivertibly  pushed this product as many others before it underground. It is essential that we have clarification once and for all to validate or discredit any claims made that Triamazon is a viable product for the relief of this terribly degenerative disease, cancer.