When an Illness or Accident Comes out of the Blue It's Time to Visit an Urgent Care Clinic Near You

Many times what happens is not as earth shattering as a life-changing event, but it's usually just as important. When an illness or an accident co…

Things tend to happen so quickly. One minute everything is fine and the next minute we find ourselves in a jam. Every day in these United States people have things happen to them in the wink of an eye that can change their lives forever. Many times what happens is not as earth shattering as a life-changing event, but it’s usually just as important. When an illness or an accident comes out of the blue, it is time to visit an urgent care clinic near you.  An urgent care clinic is the place to visit when you need medical help in a hurry. They are a great option in this exceedingly crowded marketplace of healthcare facilities.

The urgent care clinic has been around for awhile, but more and more are sprouting up all the time. They are a great alternative to the hospital emergency room. In the past, a hospital emergency room was one of our only options once sick. These days we are not reliant on the hospital emergency room for all our problems.

Everyday accidents are a fact of life and unfortunately we must deal with them. (As we get older, it seems like we must deal with them more and more!). It’s not pleasant, but as Elvis Costello has said, accidents will happen. Having the option of an urgent care clinic is great. They are the type of facility that can handle all kinds of issues due to their professional staffing and state of the art equipment.

From burns to cuts & bruises and beyond, an urgent care clinic will give you the best treatment possible. Let’s take for instance the sprained ankle. Would anyone willingly sit in a hospital emergency room for hours when they can visit an urgent care clinic and get help in under an hour? Why should they? The answer is obvious.

Let’s look closer at the sprained ankle and what an urgent care clinic can do for one.

When there is a strained or torn ligament in the area that connects the foot to the leg, it is called a sprained ankle. This usually occurs when someone is engaging in an activity that tends to stretch the leg. This can be surfing a killer wave or simply playing a pick-up game of basketball. They happen way too often and can be extremely painful. The statistics on sprained ankles are that over nine million of them occur in America a year! If confronted with one of these injuries, get to an urgent care clinic ASAP.

Doctors grade the severity of a sprain, and they fall into the following categories:

Grade One Sprain

Consists of slight stretching and discomfort to the fibers of the ankle ligament.

Grade Two Sprain

Consists of partial tearing of the ankle ligament.

Grade Three Sprain

Consists of a complete tear of the ankle ligament.

It is important that medical help is received immediately in order to get back up on your feet. The doctor at an  urgent care center can diagnose the severity of your sprain and recommend treatment best suited for your specific injury. An urgent care clinic will have a ton of experience in dealing with sprained ankles. This will help in the care you receive.

Treatment can consist of many different things and only a trained professional can make the best choices for your injury. Treatment can consist of pain pills and only a certified Walk in Doctor—like the one you will find in an urgent care clinic—will be able to dispense them via prescription. Treatment may also consist of icing or bracing depending on how bad the ankle is hurt. Time is of the essence when receiving treatment for a sprained ankle.