What to Do When You're Laid Off and Sick

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With the collapse of the economy came numerous lay-offs and an extreme unemployment rate. If you’re one of the many who are suffering with being laid off, your problems may not seem like they can get worse — until you get sick.

When you’re sick and laid-off indefinitely or without insurance, it may seem like there’s nowhere to turn for help and that you can’t afford the medications you’re needing to get well. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. There are many options available to you — even when you’re laid off or unemployed.

One option is a prescription discount card. These prescription drug cards are often free of charge and can offer you savings of up to 75% on your much-needed medications. Cards like the Provision Rx Discount Card can be a lifesaver when you’re struggling financially and have come down with illness.

Discount prescription cards vary greatly. Some have strict eligibility requirements; others, like the Provision Rx Card, are open to everyone. Depending on your personal situation, you may qualify for even some of the strictest eligibility requirements. Some common eligibility requirements include being on medicare, having limited or no insurance, and financial situations.

One thing you should always do when you’re laid off or unemployed is have money set aside for emergencies. This is hard, especially when it seems like the price of everything is going up while your income is going down. The emergency fund can be used for doctor’s visits, and then you’ve got several other options for prescriptions should you need them.

Aside from prescription drug discount cards, you can take advantage of competitive pharmacies who are dropping prices on generic prescriptions to prices lower than $4. You can also ask your physician if there are cheaper medications available.

Don’t fret if you’re out of work and become ill — you do have affordable options that can keep you on budget and in good health.

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