What Special Facilities an NABH Accredited Eye Hospital Offers In India?

NABH stands for National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Health care providers. An eye care center or a hospital accredited with NABH means that it a…

In today’s daily life, eye diseases are a matter of concern and eye care hospitals are sufficient to address these issues and cure optical disease. From this fact, it’s imperative that every patient should visit an eye care hospital that is accredited by NABH and adheres to global norms of safety and quality standard of eye care. This not only gives a sense of satisfaction of being in safe hands, but also assures quality treatment to patients. Some of the key highlights about NABH accredited eye hospitals include-

  • These hospitals adhere to all the norms set by NABH, and are committed to deliver improved health care treatments and patient’s safety.
  • These hospitals have 24*7 in house securities that operate via CCTV cameras, and fire fighting and disaster management systems assuring complete safety of patients.
  • They have well-trained staff who know how to handle various emergencies while giving the patients basic life support, so the patient can be diagnosed and then transferred safely for further medical care to the concerned department.
  • They strictly follow Non Smoking hospital and Red Eye Bench policy assuring patients of a clean, safe and comfortable environment.
  • Every NABH Accredited Eye Hospital in India has an infection control committee and quality assurance committee that help controlling infection rates which helps giving a secured treatment for every patient.
  • Their medical and paramedical staff is hired on the basis of their service record and accreditation. Furthermore, to ensure each patient gets assisted by an expert professional, these hospitals organize audits in regular intervals that help monitoring the staff better and take corrective actions on deficiencies found.
  • They procure all latest technologies for treating various eye problems like Cataract, Trachoma, River blindness, Refractive Errors, Low vision, farsightedness and more.

These are some of the key features about NABH Accredited Eye Hospitals in India. However, despite knowing about the hospitals, it’s also important to know which hospital offers latest surgical and non-surgical treatments for different eye diseases.

For instance, various NABH accredited eye hospitals in India offer an advanced blade-less surgical procedure for treating cataract, called LenSx- Laser Refractive Cataract Surgery. Under this procedure, doctors use LenSx- Laser Refractive technologyfor making tiny incisions in the cornea from where they insert a needle-thin probe to break the lens, and to remove the cataract affecting the eye lens. This procedure involves no use of injections or stitches and assures complete safety to each patient while the patient recovers with a week or ten days of surgery.

Approaching a NABH accredited eye hospital not only assures you of getting a safe treatment but also helps you avail benefits of latest non-surgical treatments.