What Services You Should Expect Your Dentist To Provide

Whether you’ve moved or are just ready for a new dentist, it’s important to do your research on the services offered by local dentists. This article explai…

Researching dental offices when you’re looking for a new dentist may seem like an overwhelming task. Whether you’re looking for a new dental provider because of a move to a new area or you’re just looking for a change, talk with a few different dentists to find one that provides all the dental services you need. A good dental office can provide everything from routine dental exams, teeth whitening, as well as orthodontics and oral surgery.

Standard Dental Exams And Services

Most people visit the dentist for normal dental services, such as cleanings, cavity fillings, and x-rays twice a year, so finding one that’s experienced is important. At your initial visit, your dental provider will make sure your teeth and gums are healthy by completing a visual exam. If x-rays discover any cavities, your dental provider should be able to fill the cavities without the old fashioned, ugly silver fillings.

Teeth Whitening And Brightening

If you think your teeth could use a little brightening, your dental provider will be able to help. Most offices offer take home trays that work with two weeks of home treatment or an in-house treatment that’s completed in just one visit. Teeth whitening that’s done in a dental office is usually more effective than the at home whitening systems you can buy in most drugstores.


If you’re interested in getting your teeth straightened, make sure to ask if your dental office provides the newest technology in orthodontic services. This includes Invisalign, a system of plastic trays that straighten teeth, all without using metal wires and brackets like traditional braces. It is perfect for adults who want to straighten their teeth without anyone else knowing about it. A standard Invisalign treatment usually lasts 9-15 months and dentists must be specially trained before they can provide the service.

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is typically handled by a separate office, so if you find a dental practice with a dedicated oral surgeon on staff you’ll feel more comfortable if the need for oral surgery ever arises. Surgery is always unnerving and if you need your wisdom teeth taken out or dental implants put in, you’ll likely feel better about having the procedure done in a familiar office.

Insurance Coverage And Simple Payment Plans

For many people, a dental office isn’t an option if the practice doesn’t accept their insurance plan. It’s a good idea to check and see if your plan is accepted before your first dental visit. If the office hasn’t worked with your specific dental plan before, ask to see if it’s something they can work with. The office will most likely handle all insurance forms and claims and many offer simple payment plans if your procedures aren’t fully covered by insurance.

Researching a dentist and the services they offer is vital when choosing a dental provider who meets your needs. Finding an office that is equipped to provide routine care, orthodontics, and oral surgery is important whether you’re looking for a dentist in Lombard or Orlando. Finding a dentist that can provide everything means you’ll never have to look elsewhere as your dental needs change.