What Is Compounding Medication?

Compounding medication offers customized care to meet specific requirement of individual patients. Get essential information on pharmacy compounding in thi…

Pharmacy compounding is the art of preparing personalized medicines to meet specific requirements of patients.  They are prepared from scratch. Specific components are mixed together in precise strength and exact dosage form to customize the medication to treat specific medical condition of individual patient successfully. The method allows the compounding pharmacologists to work with both the prescriber and the patient to offer customized care to the ailing individual.

A Brief History

Earlier the practice of compounding medicine was very much in vogue. However, the popularity of compounding declined rapidly with the advent of mass drug production during the 1950s and 60s. Commercially manufactured medications aim to treat a specific medical condition for a large mass of people. Now, problems arise when an individual has a specific medical condition that cannot be treated by one of these mass-produced drugs. Again many patients are found sensitive to filler or dye found in a commercial tablet. Many patients are also unable to take certain medications if the dose is too high or the capsule is too large and this is quite common in pediatric cases. These situations can only be treated successfully by customizing medicines to suit individual need. Fortunately in recent times, compounding pharmacies have experienced resurgence with the advent of innovative techniques, modern technology and research to customize medications to meet specific patient needs.

How Can Compounding Benefit You?

There are several reasons why pharmacists prepare compounded medications for patients. Trained compounding pharmacists can personalize medications for patients to:

  • Adjust the strength of a medicine.
  • Exclude unwanted components, such as preservative, dyes, lactose, sugar or gluten.
  • Add flavor to enhance the taste of medication.

Prepare medicine to meet unique requirements of patients, like for patients having difficulty to swallow capsules, compounding pharmacists can prepare the medicine as a flavored liquid solution instead. Other forms of medications include creams or topical gels, suppositories and even lollipops.

Can children or elderly patients take compounded medication?

You will be amazed to learn that elderly patients and children can benefit most from compounding medications. Parents often face tough time in getting their children to take medicines due to the unpalatable flavor or taste.  A compounding pharmacist can directly work with both the patient and the medical practitioner to choose a palatable flavoring agent, such as tutti fruitti, bubblegum or vanilla butternut. The pharmacist can not only customize the flavor according to the patient’s taste preferences, but he can also customize the properties of the medicine modifying the dose according to the requirement.

Compounding medication is also effective to treat patients experiencing chronic pain. For example, some patients having arthritis are not compatible to certain medicines due to gastrointestinal side effects. An experienced compounding pharmacist can provide these patients pain-relieving or anti-inflammatory medications with topical preparations that will get easily absorbed through the skin. Customized medicines are also used to alleviate pain, nausea and other symptoms for hospice patients as well.

Is compounding legal and safe?

Compounding has been an integral part of healthcare since the origin of pharmacy. It has found a wide application from hospitals to nuclear medicine. Over the last few decades, compounding medications have benefitted greatly from technological advances, research methodology and quality control. The Food and Drug Administration has confirmed that that compounded prescriptions are both ethical and legal as long as they are recommended by any licensed practitioner for an individual patient and compounded by an authorized pharmacy.

If you are looking for high quality compounded medications in accurate strength and dosage form, get in touch with any reputed custom medicine compounding pharmacy. You can also consult with your healthcare practitioner for recommendation.

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