Types & Effects of Eye Cancer

These types of eye cancers usually start in our skin and are known to develop in the eyes as well as in other parts of our body. Melanoma can start in the …

Eye cancer is also known as ocular cancer. In medical terms the eye is called ocular (with the eye). There are basically two types of eye cancer, namely – primary intraocular cancer and secondary intraocular cancer. Cancer that resides inside the eye is intraocular in nature, while those affecting the outsides of an eye are extraocular. Melanoma can be of both types and is the most common primary type of intraocular cancer in adults. These types of eye cancers usually start in our skin and are known to develop in the eyes as well as in other parts of our body. Melanoma can start in the eyelids, eyeball or in front portion of the covering of our eyeball. Lymphoma of the eye is a very rare kind of cancer and is intraocular in nature as it begins inside the eyes. Retinoblastoma and rhabdomyosarcoma occur in children below age five and are rare types of eye cancer.

Cancer that spreads to the eyes from other parts of our body is called secondary cancer. In women this can happen through breast cancer and in men through lung cancer. One can look for symptoms like a growing dark spot on the surface of iris, a change in the position of the eyeball inside the socket, bulging signs related to the eyes and difference of movement of the eyes within the socket.But exact identification of the disease calls for a proper diagnosis. Cancers related to the eyes can only be detected through eye cancer diagnosis as those affected by symptoms of eye cancer can rarely identify these by self examination. It is very important to report all the symptoms to your doctor periodically. The diagnosis process can involve a visit to the doctor if you notice problems in your eyes. If a tumor is discovered (it will mostly be benign in nature) through an in depth eye examination, you will most like go in for an angiography or ultrasound test. These tests help determine the malignancy of the tumor. If lifestyle changes are advised like quitting your smoking habits then please do it at the earliest and stick to it.

Benign eye tumors are common, and if detected, please do consult your doctor. This will help in preventing the growth from turning cancerous as treatments for eye cancer are best if resorted to in early stages of the disease. Yearly eye examinations aid in treatment and preventions of the disease. An early eye cancer diagnosis means a better chance of dealing with the disease through early treatment. As a patient you are at a liberty to choose a health care provider of your choice, one who can render quality treatment. Side effects of eye cancer treatment can be short or long term in nature. Loss of eyelashes, feeling of tiredness, increased pressure in the eye, are all classic short term side effects of eye cancer that can be experienced by those who undergo radio therapy. Long term side effects include difficulties related to focusing, cataract and dry & sore eyes.