Truth Uncovered – Is it Really Possible to Get Free Dental Implants?

Dental implants are costly but is it really possible to get them for free? This article investigates.

There are plenty of dental practitioners out there offering you the chance to obtain free dental implants. They say that the best things in life are free but can the same be said for dental implants? The truth is yes and no. Cosmetic dental practitioners are aware of the high cost nature of this form of surgery and some use words such as ‘free’ and ‘discounted’ to lure in new patients. This article lists a few of the methods used by dentists to lure patients into opting for these ‘free’ dental implants?

1. Labour fees

Your dentist will tell you that your implants are free and this may well be the case however have you asked your dentist about any labour costs? The fitting of dental implants is an extremely labour intensive process and involves a team of specialists to ensure all goes well. Your implants will be implanted for free but you may incur extreme prices for the labour and skill involved in actually fitting your implants. Often the cost you end up paying may be over what you would have spent if you just paid an upfront price at a highly reputable dental establishment.

2. Hidden charges

Sometimes problems arise when fitting your implants which mean that further procedures may be necessary such as bone grafting to strengthen the jaw area which is to be implanted. Has your implants dentist included charges for other related surgeries in the ‘free’ price? Often these related surgeries can prove extremely expensive so find out what exactly your specific procedure entails before signing on the dotted line.

3. Cost for abutment and prosthesis

If you have been doing your research you will be aware that the term ‘dental implant’ technically only refers to the titanium screw which is implanted into the jaw and not the dental abutment or the dental prosthesis (dental crown). The crown and abutment just like the implant are made from very high spec materials and in themselves can prove extremely cost. To avoid being lumbered with large fees at the end of your procedure ask your dental implants dentist if the free price includes these components as well as the actual implant.

4. Laboratory

As previously stated the process of fitting cosmetic dental implants is very labour intensive and involves a lot of specialist input. This specialist input and analysis can lead to laboratory fees. Be sure to ask your dental implants dentist if these laboratory fees are included in the free price.

Taking all the above into account it is easy to conclude that the concept of free dental implants is completely bogus. The best thing to do is to ensure you are aware of the exact definition of the term ‘free’. Remember other ways to save costs on your implants include specially tailored dental plans or your dental insurance which may cover some of the costs. Just be sure to assess all your options before deciding on the first free offer that comes your way.