Top Rated Nursing Certifications

Nursing certifications are considered a multi-layered path extension of nursing education. These basic certifications are usually designed

Nursing certifications are considered a multi-layered path extension of nursing education. These basic certifications are usually designed for the college level students so they would able to complete them without much problem. Licensed vocational nurse and practical nurse program are usually completed in 2 years. While RNs has a association with bachelor or associate degree. In the same way, master in the science of nursing also offers many incentives to people. However, once you finished your school education, there are many types of certification that will help you to get in touch with this profession. Here are top five nursing certifications for the help of students seeking career in it.

Critical Care Registered Nurse-CCRN

It is easy to earn this certification via tests and classes held in major hospitals. These classes are taken in semester format wherein drug reaction and other advanced cardio care subjects are covered. This type of certification is beneficial for the people who would like to work in intensive care, telemetry and other critical units where life-threatening and constant monitoring is required. The benefit of getting this course is that it offers good salary package.

CDE-Certified Diabetes Educator

This type of certification is having high demands in medical institutes and hospitals. The increasing ratio of diabetes disease among Americans, the certified diabetes educator will have more opportunities in the future. The task of this professional is to describe people about the best diet, teach teenagers and young people of how to use insulin and test their sugar level.

HIV/AIDS Certified Nurse- ACRN

The disease of AID is getting dramatic increase these days so the need of ACRN nurses for the awareness of this trouble has brought forth many opportunities. These nurses usually take courses related to immunology and symptoms of this disease. ACRN can easily work in special clinics and hospitals established for the purpose of this disease treatment, care and prevention.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist-CRNA

It is one of most difficult certificate intended to provide anesthesia for procedures and surgery under the assistance of anesthetist. Besides, RN and Bs certification, this professional need to spend two years in studying this curriculum. Once, he or she will be able to successful in getting this certification, it is easy for them to earn 175,000$ in a year.

Oncology Certificate in Nursing- OCN

OCN nurses are usually trained in providing the service of radiation, chemotherapy and cancer patient care before and after treatment. It gives you an ability to work with local clinics, hospitals and other health care centers.

I hope that each of these certification details will help you to take the right course based on your own interest and requirements for good career development.