Thinking about becoming a Dental Assistant?

In this article you will learn everything you need to know about being and becoming a dental assistant, you will find out what the job will entail includin…

Working within a team and patients is a huge part of a dental assistant job. In general you will be working with more than one dentist, not just the same one all the time. In this type of career you will be working with a lot of people closely so you need to be a people person and get on well with them, If you love to learn new things, being a dental assistant is great for you as you will see numerous procedures being carried out.

A common mistake people make is they confuse dental assistant’s with a dental hygienist.The tasks they both carry out are very different indeed.In fact dental assistants help both dentists and hygienist’s alike when they are working on a patient.A dentist and hygienist are neither the same and they both do very different jobs, one repairs teeth and the other cleans them. 

There is a very big demand currently for dental assistants in the US and throughout the world.The dental industry seems to just keep growing year on year and with a shortage of qualified assistants there are fantastic opportunities to be had.As you can imagine this only helps your job opportunities and rewards which is great for you.As you can imagine with a shortage of dental workers the pay will be pretty good and your not wrong, on average its $3-$5 more an hour that the national average.You don’t have to just stick to being a assistant, you can use the knowledge you have learned and become a hygienist or even a dentist.By starting at the bottom of any job allows you to see everything that a job/career entails.

I know every one wants to know what they could earn doing a job so I will go through it here for you.Like with all jobs there are factors that will effect how much you earn, usually you can change/improve these but not them all.There are three main things that can effect your overall take home which are training, location and experience.It has been the same for a long time now, bigger cities pay higher salaries mainly because they are a lot more expensive to live in.Training is a huge factor in any job these days, the more you have had the better your chances of a higher salary are.Lastly experience, this is what you can change, the only thing that you can do is get out there and do the work and get real experience under your belt.

A recent study found that the average yearly salary for a dental assistant was approximately $35,000 which is a very healthy amount to be earning.If you take this figure it works out to about $16 per hour which again for the time it has taken to become qualified it really is pretty good.Although this sounds great you have to remember that it is an average wage and lowest end of the scale is a mere $9 per hour while the highest earns are on $23 per hour!All of this is mainly down to the three big factors that we have just talked about, so you really need to do everything you can to help yourself.

If you like having a social life then the dental industry is a great one to get into, working hours are mainly monday to friday 9am till 5am.If you love spending time at home with your family then the hours are great for that as the job really allows it.Plenty of paid vacation is great and that’s just what you will get in the dental industry.No only will you get paid well working a dental assistant but you will also save loads as your partner and children will qualify for discounted dental care.Being able to give your family the best care possible at a very low price is a great feeling that you are looking are them right.

Things that you will be expected to do part of your job with be laying out all the tools the dentist needs, taking notes for the dentist about a patient and cleaning the dental room.There are many roles and jobs that you will have to do while working as a dental hygienist but the main things are getting the dental room ready for each procedure, taking any x-rays that many be needed and to assist the dentist in taking notes about the patient.Employer’s like there potential employees to ask questions about the job they are applying for, as long as they are not about holiday and sick leave right off the bat.

If you love working with people and the general public then this is certainly a good job for you.Being a dental assistant means that you will be working closely with a lot of other people, patients and colleges which means having the skills to get along with them is essential.

You can quite quickly become a dental assistant and start reaping all the benefits within just over a years training.With that being said there are some differences between states and the laws they have.In some states in the US you can train on the job and be done in just over 3 months, start to finish.Employer won’t on dental assistants that have not passed a test and become certified, mainly because of their insurance and lack of skills and knowledge you may have.

Keeping up with the latest procedures and technologies that are improving the dental industry is essential to stay on top of your game.Training and skills are the key to any job, so when you employer asks if you would like to go on a training course, make sure you say yes.

Overall becoming a dental assistant is a very rewarding job helping others not to mention all the benefits you get out of it.You shouldn’t worry too much about the economy and how its might effect you getting a job as there are many to be had due to the shortage there is of assistants and dental workers in general.