The Urgent Care Clinic: What's Hip in Healthcare

Why submit yourself to a germ-infested, over-crowded hospital emergency room for hours, when there is a much better option available? If recent trends are …

Why submit yourself to a germ-infested, over-crowded hospital emergency room for hours, when there is a much better option available? If recent trends are any indication, it seems that the Urgent Care Clinic is taking its place in the lives of many Americans-and New Yorkers in particular. Yep, a large portion of ill people are opting for the ease of Urgent Care Clinic instead of tying themselves up in knots trying to get that last minute appointment from their primary care physician.

The old model just doesn’t make sense anymore. It’s been a long time since you could dial-up a wizened old man with a black bag filled with feel-good pills to show up at your door for a house call. Well, it seems things have shifted even further. It’s a fact that a significant percentage of people who show up at hospital emergency rooms do not need to be there. It’s just that, in the past, options have been limited. Leave the hospital emergency room for life-threatening illnesses and get yourself to an Urgent Care Clinic for everything else. Urgent Care Clinics comes in differing varieties, but there are the basics that unite them all. For instance, an Urgent Care Clinic will proudly boast that there is a board-certified doctor seeing patients as opposed to a nurse practitioner. This is important, yet many times it slips under a patient’s radar. For example, at some other medical facilities of this type you will be seen, diagnosed and treated by a nurse-yet you never know that. The person treating you will rarely offer up that he or she is less qualified than a doctor! And let’s face it, when you’re sick it’s a doctor you want. The rise of the Urgent Care Clinic has happened quickly, over the last decade or so. Today it is estimated that there are over ten thousand in the U.S. with more sprouting up all the time. In fact, a company in Maryland is apparently using McDonalds as a business model, selling franchises to this type of clinic. Whether that’s a good idea or not, we shall leave up to their patients as we explore what it is that makes a Walk In Clinic so popular these days. They’re Easy on The WalletYes indeed, Urgent Care Clinics tend to offer discounted pricing on all their services. Remember, with a board-certified doctor on staff you are not skimping on quality, yet the pricing is way more affordable than a visit to that ol’ hospital emergency room. These clinics tend to accept a large variety of insurance, as well. Your Time is Important TooAlthough it is true that most hospital emergency rooms are as busy as can be, it still seems as if they do not respect your time. An Urgent Care Clinic does and more often than not you will be seen in less than an hour’s waiting time. If They Can’t Fix You No One CanOne of the best things about an Urgent Care Clinic is knowing that once you find one you trust, they truly got you covered. In other words, they consistently
treat many different ailments, all with the best care possible. From A to Z, you may rest assured that you are in qualified hands.