The rise of allergies and their need for detoxification

Rather than a time of innocence and happiness, childhood has for many become a difficult health battle. T

The rise of allergies and their need for detoxification, diet changes, and changes in health. How Natural Remedies can help them.

Rather than a time of innocence and happiness, childhood has for many become a difficult health battle. Soaring rates of obesity, allergies, neuro developmental disorders and learning issues have Practitioners, parents and teachers all struggling to cope. Like the canaries in the coal mines, our children have become sensitive indicators of the substantial changes that have taken place in our diets, lifestyles and increasingly toxic environment. We are now looking at even very young children needing detoxification! Whilst modern medicine has so far had limited success with complex conditions such as Autism, pioneering Practitioners are taking a whole-systems approach to treatment and are rewriting the rules of medicine in the process. Integrative healthcare Practitioners are ideally placed to lead the development of this new paradigm of healing throughout our community, and will learn valuable skills and treatment strategies in these important areas.

Recent advances in our understanding of the role of epigenetic have indicated that the nutritional status, toxic load, hormonal profile and stress levels of parents-to-be can significantly impact on rates of miscarriage, birth outcomes and childhood development. Combined with changing fertility patterns and older parental age at the birth of the first child, many Practitioners are reporting a substantial increase in the numbers of patients looking to optimize fertility and birth outcomes. A Natural Self can provide strategies for preparation of both partners for conception, and advanced techniques for the integrative management of patients undergoing assisted fertility interventions.

A Naturopath will always look at treating the cause. This is donewith all types of natural health, but Chinese Medicine is rather good at calming and treating without major side effects first. Then, other natural products can be used after or complimentary to.

Naturopathy can help at A Natural Self. We have all the technology at our fingertips including Electro dermal Screening, Vega Testing, Heavy Metal Testing, Live blood analysis, Hemaview, Iridology, and Allergy Testing. We even have retail on line gift kits for all your natural supplements, providing natural product gift ideas as well.