The Importance of a Substance Abuse Rehab Treatment Facility

Importance rehab treatment facility for drug people because remaining life easy to live.

Drug abuse costs the federal government of the US $193 billion dollars every year with $11 billion of this amount going to healthcare alone every year. Alcohol on the other hand costs $235 billion with a massive $30 billion going towards health care. According to statistics from the national institute on drug abuse, the year 2009 alone saw approximately 4.6 million emergency department visits. Although 50% concerned adverse reactions to legally prescribed drugs, a massive 455 involved drug abuse. This 45% or 2.1 million comprised:

•    27.1% involved abuse of pharmaceuticals •    21.2% involved illicit drugs (422,896 for cocaine: 376,467 for marijuana: 213,118 for heroine: 93,562 for stimulants, amphetamines & methamphetamine) •    14.3% was due to alcohol mixed with other drugs.

Addiction to drugs is a problem that transcends communities, race, educational background and the best intentions of the addicts themselves. The problem is leading to wanton loss of lives, breakup of families, committal of crimes, shattering of dreams, and unmitigated spread of disease. Addicts, with the help of their families, friends and loved ones often try to break the jinx in myriad ways without success as relapse rears its ugly head in most cases.

How Can Drug and Alochol Addicts Get Help?

Drug and alcohol addicts have a better chance at kicking the habit in a Substance Abuse rehab Treatment Facility that in a group talk therapy arrangement. Addicts who try to quit through enrolling in group therapy sessions often endure painful withdrawal symptoms, terrifying craving and inevitable relapse. The help or treatment that an addict requires ought to go beyond a belief in their commitment and willpower to quit and abstain. The addict also needs to be taken out of the drug domain and admitted in a facility that offers comprehensive methods aimed at empowering the addict to quit and offering the necessary help.

What Has Changed?

New Substance Abuse rehab Treatment Facilities have been established that offer a revolutionary ibogaine treatment that has seen more addict permanently quit drugs beyond the possibility of relapse. The treatment that is available in the Mexico drug abuse rehab centers has 4 crucial elements that have literally molded its success story:

1.    patient is admitted according to addiction 2.    treatment rids the system of drugs 3.    fights the withdrawal symptoms and pain 4.    takes care of the post withdrawal cravings

If you or a loved one has a drug problem, it is essential that you seek help before things make a turn for the worst. You can find the good facilities on the internet and make your sure enquiries.