The Different Career Paths of a Pharmacist

The health profession is a diverse, lucrative, and stable career choice, particularly in this current economic climate. One such health profession that is …

The health profession is a diverse, lucrative, and stable career choice, particularly in this current economic climate. One such health profession that is growing in demand is the Pharmacist. Pharmacists are traditionally thought of as the people who stand behind the counter at a retail pharmacy store and fill patients’ prescriptions. However, this is no longer the case as there are a number of different career paths available for those considering a career as a pharmacist.

A pharmacist is an educated and trained health professional specializing in the field of pharmacy. There are a variety of health settings available to pharmacists who have completed their Pharmacy degree and acquired the necessary licenses. When working in a hospital, Clinical pharmacists work in a hospital as part of a medical care team. They help determine which medications and doses would be most effective for the patients. They perform such duties as providing medications for the patients that includes the correct dosage and constitution. As part of the hospital team of professionals, pharmacists educate patients about their medications and administration of the medication.

Pharmacists can be found working in the Pharmaceutical Industry. They are involved in the research and marketing of various medications on behalf of a pharmaceutical company. Retail Pharmacy is another area where pharmacists are employed. The retail pharmacy can be an entire pharmacy or a sectioned off part of a store such as in a drug store, supermarket, or even a large department store chain.

Pharmacists can work in long-term care homes for the elderly or patients who are incapacitated and require medical care but cannot care for themselves. The pharmacist is responsible for loading the various medications on the medication cart and making sure the medications are properly identified and have the correct dosage. Nuclear pharmacists are pharmacists who measure and deliver the radioactive materials in digital medical imaging such as a CT, MRI…etc. Another pharmacy career is Chemotherapy and Home Infusion Pharmacy. These pharmacists mix the chemotherapy drugs for cancer patients.

Compounding pharmacy is another pharmacy career area. These pharmacists create special medications to fit the unique needs of a particular patient. This includes creating a special dosage or special administration route. Compounding pharmacists can also work in pharmaceutical research and development.

There are many unique and challenging pharmacist jobs to pursue. In many cases, a pharmacist will have to get special education, training, and experience to work in a highly specialized health field. For instance, pharmacists can be found teaching in a pharmacy or medical school.

Pharmacy has become a popular health career choice as it is a career that is in big demand. There are many pharmacy schools across the country offering quality pharmacy programs. No matter what pharmacy career area you choose, it will be very rewarding and challenging, and the financial rewards are an added bonus. A career as a pharmacist is a wise choice for anyone who is looking for a health career that will stay secure in any type of economic climate.