Tata Memorial Hospital – Stand Out in All Aspects of Medical Treatment

Tata memorial hospital is well known for providing services in various medical and surgical disciplines. They offer the best medical treatment to their pat…


The foundation of Tata Memorial Hospital was initially proposed by the Dorabji Tata Trust on 28 Feb 1941 as a center for enduring value and a great mission for concern of Indian people. Tata Memorial Hospital provides the entire services from Prevention to Diagnosis, from Therapy to Rehabilitation. This Medical Center is a comprehensive Cancer Care Center along with well experienced professional and modern facilities which are contemporary medical equipment. In year 1952 Indian Cancer Research Centre got established as a research institute, later was known as Cancer Research Institute. Ministry of Health of India took over the Hospital In 1957. In 1962 the administrative control of the Tata Memorial Centre was transferred to the Department of Atomic Energy. Cancer Research Institute and Tata Memorial Hospital were merged as two parts of Tata Memorial Center in year 1966 which is a perfect example of private philanthropy in service by Government of India support. In Mumbai Tata Memorial Hospital is renowned hospital. This hospital is situated at Dr. E Borges Road which is expected to serve nearly 40,000 patients every year. It is the first center of bone marrow transplantation in India.

Patient care

Every year more that 43,000 patients visit here from India as well as from neighbouring countries. 60 percent of these patients get primary care at Hospital out of which 70 percent are treated by professionals almost free of charges. Nearly 1000 medical patients attend the OPD for medical comprehensive care, advice or treatment. Radiation treatment made quick advances with high engineering, computerisation and more current isotopes for treatment. The Tata Memorial Hospital was the first Center in the nation to launch Bone Marrow Transplant in 1983. This has been possible because of supportive care using latest antibiotics, blood transfusion support, nutritional, and nursing. A few advances have happened in every field. In surgery, thoughts have changed considering the study of growth. Radical surgeries have yielded spot to more preservationist surgery with the imperative focus of individual fulfilment, protecting limit and organ without bartering general survival results. Strong care as aggregate restoration and advising of patients is broadly perceived to be critical parts of treatment. Phenomenal work has been completed in zones of restoration, physiotherapy, word related treatment, language instruction, brain science and therapeutic social work.

Tata Memorial Hospital is counted as the best hospitals in India. Treatment of every possible ailment is possible here. Each of these care center is offering specialty treatments which heal your pain and with cheaper treatment. The faculty is highly educated as well as skilled. People from every corner of the world come to Tata memorial hospitals on medical tourism. However, people living in the outmost areas can also take medical facilities without travelling long distances. Several number of health care centres are now have been set up in different location of the country. All these health care centres have facilities such like air ambulance which helps people in case of emergencies. There are many advantages of this service in extreme emergency. Air Ambulance decreases the medical reaction time to treat the patient.