Tampa Cosmetic Dentistry for All Your Needs

Cosmetic dentistry Tampa can solve all your oral health problems. It can also beautify your smile and enhance your facial features. However, to carry out s…

Whether you want to whiten your yellowing teeth or straighten your teeth, fix your broken, missing or stained teeth, get dental implants and opt for complete smile makeover, cosmetic dentistry Tampa fulfills all your needs.

A wide variety of treatments is now available to enhance your overall dental health and beautify your smile. Cosmetic dentistry is no longer restricted to just celebrities and rich people. It’s in everyone’s reach now, as it has gone mainstream. You can easily find cosmetic dentistry procedures with your dentists nowadays.

What Does Cosmetic Dentistry Do?

There are a number of things that cosmetic dentistry can do. These include:

  • Restoring the health of your teeth and gums
  • Enhancing the appearance of your teeth, mouth and smile
  • Straightening teeth in an invisible and comfortable manner (no one actually gets to know that you are wearing aligners)
  • Whitening your yellowing or stained teeth
  • Bonding tooth colored material in the spaces between your teeth
  • Disguising discoloration and imperfects through custom-made porcelain shells
  • Modifying or reshaping your teeth
  • Removing excess gum tissue to expose more of the tooth’s crown
  • Fixing broken or chipped tooth

There are a host of techniques that can solve all your dental problems, restore your overall oral health and promote healthy and beautiful smile.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Covered by Insurance? : It actually depends on your insurance provider. Cosmetic dentistry in general is not considered necessary. It’s elective. Therefore, most insurers do not cover cosmetic dentistry procedures. However, you may find some insurance agencies that may cover it. But the premium may be high.

It’s important to ask your insurer before buying a policy if it covers cosmetic dentistry.

How to Choose a Cosmetic Dentist? : The experience and skill of a dentist can have a great impact on the outcome of your cosmetic dentistry treatment. This means you really can’t afford to go to any dentist until you have proofs and complete trust on their abilities.

While some dentists need additional or higher education and certifications to legally provide such procedures, many dentists still need to gain mastery over cosmetic dentistry techniques. There are few dentists who are experts in carrying these procedures.

In such a scenario, it’s important to look for a dentist who is qualified, experienced and reputable. You can look for the following while finding a good dentist in your area:

  • References from people
  • Reviews from existing patients
  • Certificate from American Dental Association
  • Proof of specialized education
  • Before and after photos of patients treated by the dentist

Well, it’s true that Tampa cosmetic dentistry procedures are more expensive than traditional procedures. However, undergoing one doesn’t need to burn a hole in your pocket. You need to ensure that the procedure is carried out within your budget. Ensure there are no hidden costs which are disclosed after the procedure. For this, you’ll need to ask your dentist for a complete price quote inclusive of consultation fee, cosmetic dentistry procedure expense and post-surgery/treatment care expenses. Undergo a treatment only if you are completely convinced.