Swimming Pools and Molluscum

It’s reported that spread of molluscum contagiosum is increased in swimming pools. However, it has not been proved how or under what circumstances swimming…

Some investigations report that spread of molluscum contagiosum is increased in swimming pools. However, it has not been proved how or under what circumstances swimming pools might increase spread of the virus. Activities related to swimming might be the cause. For example, the virus might spread from one person to another if they share a towel or toys.

More research is needed to understand if and for how long the molluscum virus can live in swimming pool water and if such water can infect swimmers. Open sores and breaks in the skin can become infected by many different germs. Therefore, people with open sores or breaks from any cause should not go into swimming pools.

If a person has molluscum bumps, the following recommendations should be followed when swimming: cover all visible bumps with watertight bandages; dispose of all used bandages at home; do not share towels, kick boards or other equipment, or toys.

There should be no reason to keep a child with molluscum infection home from day care or school. Growths not covered by clothing should be covered with a watertight bandage. Change the bandage daily or when obviously soiled. If a child with bumps in the underwear/diaper area needs assistance going to the bathroom or needs diaper changes, then growths in this area should be bandaged too if possible.

Covering the bumps will protect other children and adults from getting molluscum and will also keep the child from touching and scratching the bumps, which could spread the bumps to other parts of his/her body or cause secondary (bacterial) infections. Remind children to wash their hands frequently.

Molluscum contagiosum can be spread by any contact between two people — this includes sexual contact. Many, but not all, cases of molluscum in adults are caused by sexual contact. Treatment for molluscum is usually recommended if the growths are in the genital area. If bumps are found in the genital area, it is a good idea to discuss with a health care provider the possibility that you might have another disease that is spread by sexual contact.

Persons with weakened immune systems (such as cancer, organ transplantation, HIV etc.) are at increased risk for catching molluscum and may develop very large growths (at least 15 millimeters in diameter). Bumps may be anywhere on the body but tend to occur on the face and not to go away by themselves.

Treatment of molluscum is more difficult among persons with weakened immune systems. The best treatment is to strengthen the immune system by treating the primary problem. The risk of a secondary infection caused by bacteria is always present. Your health care provider will discuss possible treatments for molluscum and ways to improve your overall health.

Recovery from one infection with molluscum does not prevent future infections with molluscum so it is important not to pick at or scratch other people’s skin. However, molluscum contagiosum is not like herpes viruses, which can remain dormant in your body for long periods of time and then reappear. If you get new molluscum contagiosum bumps after you are cured, it means you have come in contact with an infected person or object.

It is not a good idea to try to remove the molluscum growths or to get rid of the fluid inside them yourself. The treatment may be painful and you might spread the bumps to another part of your body or to another person. By scratching and scraping the skin you might cause a more serious bacterial infection. If you want to have the growths removed or treated, talk to a health care provider.

The most common complication of molluscum contagiosum is a secondary infection caused by bacteria. Additionally, the removal of bumps by scratching, freezing (cryotherapy), or fluid removal (curettage) can leave scars on the skin. Molluscum bumps usually will disappear without treatment in 6 to 12 months and not leave scars, but it may not go away completely for up to 4 years.

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