Surgery in India Cost & Advantage Analysis

India has emerged as a nation which offers unsurpassed medical facilities whether obesity surgeries or any other serious type of treatments. The treatments…

Minimal access surgery is a new type of surgery which has become more and more common in today’s time. This surgery is also properly known as endoscopic surgery. Minimal invasive surgeries utilize laparoscopic devices and remote control manipulation of instruments through an endoscope or a similar device and are carried out through a body cavity or anatomical opening.Minimal access surgery is performed using an endoscopic camera, several long thing and rigid equipments through natural body openings or small artificial incisions (‘Keyhole Surgery’). These types of surgeries ensure shorter hospitals stay and allow outpatient treatment. The reason being minimal access surgery is so popular that they have less operative trauma for the patient than an invasive procedure. Though the time for operation is longer, but the stay at hospital is shorter.The whole treatment causes less pain and scarring and also decreases the chances of post-surgical complications, such as adhesions.

The low cost of bariatric surgery or which is more popularly known as gastric sleeve surgery has grabbed the attention of people from all parts of the globe. Bariatric surgery cost in India is much affordable when compared to the countries in western hemisphere. It has been observed that a large number of tourists come to India every year to get rid of the excess flab and exhaust their hard earned resources. Bariatric surgery cost in India is also low as India has state-of-the-art technology and has hospitals thriving with weight-reduction procedures. Bariatric surgery has become a very good option in India and is provided by many hospitals in India. Gastric sleeve surgery has made a tremendous improvement in the recent years. Bariatric surgeons from foreign universities are placed in hospitals in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Bariatric surgery cost in India is considered after ascertaining the patient’s budget and treatment. Patients can also enjoy a medical tourism in India with a comfortable and exotic tour to the amazing destinations of India.

The main goal of medical tourism in India to provide good facilities to patients and balance the bariatric surgery cost in India. Minimal access surgery is one of the most advanced practices in India. This type of surgery is performed both on an inpatient and on an outpatient basis. The cost of Minimal access surgery is quite low in India. Moreover, health care facilities with the lodging means and transportation facilities are a perfect combination of a proper health service. However, costs of gastric sleeve and minimal access surgery is unlikely to be a strain on your pockets, patients should plan in advance to have a rejuvenating medical journey.