Study of Knowledge Management Factors Affected in Electronic Health Records in Glenview Healthcare Service Provider Center

The purpose of this paper is to examine the components of knowledge management in electronic health records. To this end, the correlation analysis is used …

INTRODUCTION: Organizations shall declare and numerous documents confirming the World Health Organization guidelines on effective and efficient use of electronic health records technology is. on the ther hand experience of research shows that many executives, facilitators of knowledge management for electronic records management is considered. The main question is that recent research component of knowledge management and electronic health records, to what degree has the same effect. To this end, both components of each system discussed, based on a questionnaire in the hospital setting and Bqyhallh (aj), data from the doctors, nurses and medical experts in 1390 to collect and analyze the impact be. pertaining to this research, direct research has been done so far, but the impact of KM initiatives on some of the components of electronic health records and electronic health records to specific performance indicators, which briefly describes research done be. The proposed research methodology and applied research, findings and conclusions are discussed.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: The aim of the research, development – is applied. The nature of qualitative and quantitative data. The survey also collected data from cross-sectional and descriptive study of the correlation. Dependent variable, the components of electronic health records is in accordance with Figure 1. The independent variables include the components of the knowledge which is based on Table 1. The aim of this study, the effect is dependent on the independent variables, to this end, has developed a model in which variables and desired impacts is shown

RESLTS: Consistent with what was presented in the methodologies, to test the main findings, the correlation test is used. It seems relatively large sample size is expected to have a normal distribution of data, but to ensure a more normal test on the first data has been done

DISCUSSION: Most nurses are among those are larger than the other clusters. provide real time status of the patient’s doctor to be one of the fundamental weaknesses in the healthcare.   CONCLUSION: The purpose of this article priorities for implementation of electronic health records is facilitated. for this purpose a combination of at least basic data on health records and knowledge management component Mrvd was used and was using of this model.