Straighten Out Your LASIK Knowledge!

Do not jump for joy upon the news that LASIK laser eye surgery can grant you a perfect vision.

Do not jump for joy upon the news that LASIK laser eye surgery can grant you a perfect vision. Though the information is true, not everyone with poor eyesight can undergo the procedure. If you are pregnant, a diabetic or active in contact sports, you are considered ineligible. There are four other major misconceptions about the surgery that you must know before going through it.

The first misconception is about results. Many people think twenty-twenty vision can be attained right after surgery. The truth is, results from a LASIK laser eye surgery will gradually show. You might have to wear your glasses or contacts for a few more months until the perfect vision comes out.

The second misconception involves the procedure’s price. Most people do not opt for the procedure since it is expensive. Indeed, the price is not easy on the pocket but the benefits justify the initial cost. You need not spend for new lenses annually after a LASIK laser eye surgery. Moreover, you need not visit your eye doctor frequently since the procedure stabilizes your vision. This makes LASIK laser eye surgery a sound investment on your part.

Applying for a medical financing program can help you deal with the costs of a Texas lasik laser eye surgery. You can also check your medical insurance if it’s among those covering the cost of eye surgeries. Keep in mind that this procedure is not for vanity purposes. It is a practical investment since most professions require perfect vision.

The third misconception is about safety. Some people believe the eyes are too sensitive to withstand such critical eye surgery. This belief is only true if you approach an uncertified Texas lasik laser eye surgery doctor. This procedure went through a long research process. In addition, the procedure is handled by the Food and Drug Authority. The organization itself sells the equipment to well-trained doctors.

The fourth misconception is about the procedure’s duration. The Texas lasik laser eye surgery procedure takes only an hour. The pre-procedure and post procedure periods, however, take more time. Pre-procedure normally takes about two months since it comprises a series of eye examinations and body check-ups. Post procedure can last up to two weeks to ensure any post operative eye discomforts and headaches are taken care of.