South Riding Orthodontist Offers Affordable Braces to Patients

As it is with any type of health related issue, quality orthodontic treatment costs money. Although some consider the corrections and improvements made by …

Quality Orthodontic Help for Those on a Budget

As it is with any type of health related issue, quality orthodontic treatment costs money. Although some consider the corrections and improvements made by an orthodontist to be cosmetic, the fact is the issues that braces correct can also greatly improve one’s health and wellbeing. Patients who decide to enlist the services of a South Riding, VA orthodontist have found that Dr. Anisa Omar of East Gate Orthodontics provides them with quality solutions that are affordable.

Costs Will Vary

The cost of orthodontic work varies depending on many factors, including the scope and method of your treatment.  After being examined by the doctor, you are presented with a plan for treatment, which may include differently priced methods that may be used to address your problem.  South Riding orthodontist Dr. Omar and her staff at East Gate Orthodontics will ensure that you understand all pricing and will discuss payment choices. They will work with you to develop a payment and treatment schedule that is in line with your budget.

Making Payments

South Riding orthodontist Dr. Omar accepts health insurance and credit cards. Many patients utilize convenient payment plans such as Chase Health. These allow you to pay for your desired treatment over time.

Many patients prefer utilizing a payment plan. It allows them fully access the needed treatment without stressing out their bank account. Every effort is made to make sure that each patient can have access to and afford the payment of his/her choice.

Making it Convenient and Easy

Another convenient feature that many practices offer is the ability to link to your account information online. This feature lets patients view their payment history securely, print out flex spending reimbursement and sign up for email or text appointment reminders.  It’s important to confirm that sites are secure and safe. As it should be on any sites you use, login information should be changed on a regular basis.

Great Smile, Better Health

Along with getting a great, new smile from South Riding, VA orthodontist Dr. Anisa Omar, patients enjoy numerous health benefits associated with orthodontic work. Properly aligned teeth are less likely to create stress on the jaw, which may lead to headaches, jaw cracking and the painful condition known as TMJ.  TMJ is a jaw disorder that affects the temporomandibular joint. Also, misaligned teeth run a greater risk of developing tooth decay, gingivitis and advanced periodontal disease.

If you require orthodontic work, it’s important to find a doctor who is current and up-to-date on the latest types of treatments such as Invisalign, Invisalign Teen and Incognito Orthodontic Braces. These are some of the newer methods devoted to correcting the alignment of your teeth. Thus, if you’d like to utilize these options rather than wearing traditional metal braces, you’ll be able to do so.

Affordability is also an important factor. Providing you with various payment options and a sensible plan that meets your budget will help you secure the treatment you require. Finding the right fitas far as your orthodontist, type of treatment and payment plan are concerned will help you secure your new smile. Many have done just that at East Gate Orthodontics.