Seven Common Types Of Essential Medical Supplies

A large number of medical equipment is manufactured nowadays to facilitate heath care services. In this article, you will learn about seven common types of…

Medical equipment is manufactured to facilitate diagnosis, treatment or to monitor specific health condition of a patient. In this article, you will find seven types of medical supplies offered by any reputed pharmacy.


Self-care medical devices, commonly referred to as “home care” are the medical supplies that a consumer or patient keeps at home and uses them to treat common medical issues. It is important to keep a stock of some essential diagnostic supplies always at home, especially if you have elderly person or children at your place. It will save your time of visiting clinics for any medical issues. The best thing is that most of these self-care medical products do not require expert skill for their use. Diabetic management tools, blood pressure monitor, hearing aids, mobility aids, nebulizer are some of the common medical aids found at home.


Surgical supplies are themedical equipment that includes stainless steel tools commonly used by the surgical teams while performing surgeries. Such medical supplies also include a number of disposable items that the doctors wear during surgeries for personal protection from infection, such as gowns, caps, gloves, as well as the drapes and gauze that are used to keep the patient safe and clean.

Durable Medical Equipment

Abbreviated as “DME”, durable medical equipment includes walking aids, wheelchairs, transfer equipment and many other items. All medical devices under this category are required to be tested effectively after manufacturing. It is because patients who use the devices rely on them completely for comfort and safety. So, it is essential to test them meticulously to check their load-bearing capability and other essential features.

Acute Care

Medical products commonly used in hospitals are generally termed as acute-care supplies. They are purchased and stored by hospitals to diagnose different ailments of patients. Wound and skin care kits, nursing care kits, and monitoring equipment are used widely by hospitals for proper patient care.

Emergency and Trauma

Emergency department is perhaps the most important area of any hospital, since patients get preliminary diagnosis at the Emergencies. So, emergency departments remain equipped with ample diagnostic supplies like respiratory therapy equipment, wound care supplies, minor procedure kits and many other items.

Long-Term Care

Long-term care facilities like rehabilitation centers, assisted-living residences or hospices keep in stock some common categories of medical supplies. In many cases, an individual cared in such environment is addressed as a “resident” rather than a “patient”. Some common medical supplies that facilitate long-term care are therapeutic chairs that serve a number of functions, mobility assistance devices, exercise equipment, sterilized dressing aids and many others.

Electronic Medical Record

High-end medical devices are manufactured every year to facilitate proper diagnosis. In recent times, one of the most innovative medical equipment that is used widely by several healthcare service providers is the electronic medical record (EMR). It is the digital version of the medical paper chart that contains all necessary medical history of individual patients. It is highly beneficial in comparison to paper records, since it allows the medical practitioners to:

  • Track diagnosis related data over time.
  • Monitor how patients respond to certain treatments like vaccinations.
  • Improve the overall quality of healthcare in a practice.

However, while procuring any medical equipment, quality of the product is an essential consideration. Get in touch with any pharmacy to procure superior quality medical supplies.

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Steven Blake is familiar with several medical equipment suppliers for long. In this article, he has provided essential information on seven common types of important medical supplies after discussing with notable medical suppliers.