Registered Nurse Salary: Why They Receive More

If you want to pursue a career in medical field, then getting yourself to become a registered nurse should be one of your priorities in life. This is becau…

If you want to pursue a career in medical field, then getting yourself to become a registered nurse should be one of your priorities in life. This is because most of the studies show that registered nurse salaries are much higher than the rest. Simply because of the specialization they garnered in while doing so. Furthermore, a couple of specialized nursing jobs made it to the top ranks of the best jobs there is today with thee registered nurses at least $85, 000 to $113, 000 per year for a median salary of a registered nurse and at least $157, 000 to $214, 000 per year salary for nurse anesthetists. However, being a registered nurse is quite stressful and one must be very patient and compassionate in assisting the needs of the patients because you are assigned to take care of the people’s health and wellness. However, helping other people re-gain their life and health back after all of the sufferings and health crisis gives nurses as well as other health care professional a sense of personal satisfaction and achievements which money cannot buy or paid for. Furthermore, the fact that you help contribute to the society in providing a good medical service to the people who are in need, is of great merit for your compassionate way of helping people. Indeed, not only does the job of being a registered nurse a well-paying job but at the same time, gives them a sense of responsibility and satisfaction in helping other people to have a better life and live longer for their own families.

Usually a registered nurse salaries earns on an average at least $66, 530 per year. However, those who specialize in other areas such as trauma, transport, critical care, hospice, radiology, home health care and so forth will generally receive much more depending on their skills, qualifications, years of experience as well as the trainings they received throughout the years. Furthermore, nurses have a lot of career diversity and have a lot of avenues to grow with thus giving more chance to earn better salary in return. Furthermore, there are even some areas in the United States wherein there are in need of more nurses but such needs exceed the applicants for the position. However, different states have different salary levels as well. Therefore, those working and living in big and progressive cities will generally receive higher salaries than those living and working is small town. Furthermore, those working in big hospitals will generally receive more than those working in small clinics or nursing homes.

If you want to become a nurse, you can either earn an associate degree in nursing which will take around 2 to 3 years to finish or eve get a diploma programĀ  which are given or administered mostly by hospitals in the country. But it is best to get a bachelor’s degree in nursing because it will give you better career opportunities which will give you higher registered nurse salaries in return.