Reasons For Not Buying Health Insurance by M

health insurance excuses Health Insurance is the need of the hour. Then why people still have laid back attitude towards buying health insurance for themse…

jpg”/>Health Insurance is the need of the hour. Then why people still have laidback attitude towards buying health insurance for themselves? What reasons lead them for not having a health insurance? Let’s have a look at common things which results in not buying a health insurance.

Lack of Awareness

Life insurance is a known concept to all people but why not health insurance? The only reason is that there is lack of awareness about health insurance. LIC commercial created a strong effect in spreading the awareness; on the other side there are few health insurance commercials today on TV which fall short to generate awareness among the masses. In country like India, people are very ignorant about their health. They only take policy when they feel they need it ignoring the benefits of having a health insurance policy.

Lack of Good Advisors

People generally feel that there are no good advisors who can help them in buying a policy. At such time brokers plays very important role in educating about various health insurance policies available in the market. They will help you buy good health insurance policy suiting your needs. It is always advisable to seek an advice from brokers as they give unbiased opinions about all the insurance companies and offer you variety of options to choose from which a company agent won’t provide you.


The first and the foremost thing people think, before buying a health insurance is that they think it is a waste of money. Other reason for not buying is that, they don’t have surplus money to invest on health insurance.

No Returns

“I don’t get my money back, they why should I buy health insurance?” Many people think that they will get the money back if they don’t make any claims. This generally happens because people don’t know much about how health insurance works and how different it is from general and life insurance. What people don’t realize here is that, it provides you with emergency cash in turn of paying premium which is so less as compared to the whole cost of the treatment.

“I am Fit”

Many people are of the opinion that they don’t need health insurance because they are very fit and healthy. They think that they won’t face any health problems in their life. How can you be so sure of your health? An unexpected thing doesn’t wait for anyone and anything. With health insurance you can take care of your medical expenses if you meet with any kind of uncertainties and diseases. To read more about Reasons for not buying Health insurance