Problems With Teeth And Dental Treatment

Personally, my massive toothache was caused by an infection under the enamel, inside the pulp of the tooth itself – The difference to most being that there…

Personally, my massive toothache was caused by an infection under the enamel, inside the pulp of the tooth itself – The difference to most being that there was no outside damage.. No cavities, cracks, etc. It was all internal. Now, using common knowledge, I can only summise that a great deal of these remedies work due to being placed/washed over affected tooth/cavity which no doubt reduces acid and other effects on the area itself, as well as working to reduce inflammation – Which of course helps you feel better. But, again, mine was not cavity/exposure related.

False teeth cost a lot more to anchor and are more difficult to maintain. Because of this, when a root canal is needed, it is usually better to salvage the natural tooth however possible. A cap or crown can be placed over the remaining portion of the gum line since root canal therapy leaves the root intact. The use of a cap or crown becomes necessary after the therapy because the tooth’s surface is worn down and fragile. This part of the procedure may be done the same day or a few weeks later.

Root canal endodontic  is actually the name of the chamber that houses a tooth’s nerve and pulp tissue inside the tooth’s root. If it becomes infected or decayed, it is very painful. Often this can be a result of an unchecked cavity that continues rotting away the tooth all the way down into the root. An abscess may even develop below the root. If it reaches that far, a filling would no longer be helpful. The dentist would need to go into the root canal and remove all of the rotted matter to prevent the infection from spreading into the rest of the mouth. This procedure is called a root canal treatment, or endodontic therapy.

Just remember to relax. Try to get antibiotics to kill infection before you exhaust the benefits of your pain killer because the nerves will become immune to the pain medicine and you are then left to run about naked. I swore up and down that I was going to the doctor when I got better but I havent thought of it, its one of my goals for the future as things financially get better. Hope This Helps. Dont Sell Your Soul as You are Going Through This, Stay Strong. Fel from Dallas.

Tooth infection. A toothache results from the irritation in the nerve roots of a tooth. There are several reasons as to why a tooth may be hurting but this is the most common reason. If in fact your tooth has been infected then you need to contact a dentist immediately.

I had already had my wisdom teeth removed (indeed my TMJ problems started right after I had them out which suggested to me that something went wrong like they forced my mouth open too wide or something during the surgery). Anyway I had to wear day and night guards consistently for at least a year (I wore the night guard for a little while longer and then was less consistent with it until it dried out and couldn’t use it any longer). Every 2 or 3 weeks that would file down my guards to gradually realign my bite. They also taught me some how to self-administer pressure to selected acupressure points to alleviate pain (and I was also on an anti-inflammatory for awhile). Like I said, this was a long term commitment and it wasn’t cheap (the guards were $500 each and were not covered by either my dental or regular health insurance). But I didn’t have a lot of choice because by the time I got to the point where I sought them out, my jaw had locked to the point where I was only able to eat soup or other soft, pureed type food.

It sounds counterintuitive, because the dental students are students, but I’ve gotten much better treatment from the dental school than I ever have from dentists in private practice. (I also had the filling-too-close-to-a-nerve problem, which was compounded by the fact that the dentist who filled the cavity used an expensive, but weak, filling material on a molar — I had to get a root canal, crown lengthening surgery, and crown, but my tooth doesn’t hurt for the first time in about seven years. The dental school students and instructors totally fixed me without any pain or badness, and it’s been a lot cheaper than if I had used a dentist in private practice.)

Cavities that remain untreated and continue to expand can ultimately reach and kill a tooth’s pulp. The pulp is the central area of a tooth that contains soft tissues, nerves and blood vessels. A tooth infection known as an abscess can develop when the bacteria in plaque reach the pulp. An abscess can cause extremely severe tooth pain. The NIH warns that an untreated abscess may ultimately result in loss of the tooth.

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