Phenphedrine Reviews

The weight loss supplement, Phenphedrine, stimulates metabolism and reduces appetite.

When phenphedrine was introduced to the public, it was thought to be a weight loss miracle product, as so many other products are. However as people experienced symptoms, they began to wonder if the drug’s side effects far outweigh its weight loss benefits.

The phenphedrine that is available in the market today is a reformulated herbal supplement that replaced the original phenphedrine diet diet pills. The herb diet was banned by the Food and Drug Authority a few years ago.

After the banning of the original Phenphedrine diet pills, Lovate Health Sciences, the manufacturer of the herbal supplement, released several variations of the new formula. Among them was the phenphedrine Hardcore, which was marketed heavily as a bodybuilder’s supplement.

In May 2009, FDA issued a health advisory regarding phenphedrine’s potential health problems, despite the drug’s positive reviews. Many believe that the new version of phenphedrine did not reduce its side effects.

The controversy started when there were reports of liver damage associated with the drug’s consumption. The situation got worse when a 19 year old man died after taking phenphedrine diet. Following to this incidence, Lovate Health Sciences made a massive recall on its products.

The health complications linked to Phenphedrine vary from one person to another. Nonetheless, most patients were reported to suffer from cardiovascular problems, seizures, insomnia and rhabdmyolysis, a degeneration of the skeletal muscle.

Both men and women experienced dangerously low levels of liver enzymes and kidney failure as a result of rhabdomyolysis. While indeed the manufacturers listed on phenphedrine’s label some of its possible effects, its severe adverse reactions in some of the consumers were far more dangerous.

phenphedrine side effects listed were increased sweating, high blood pressure, loss of appetite and restlessness. Since then, many people started to use phenphedrine less and less.

Lovate Health Sciences made known to the public the ingredients of phenphedrine, which included several herbal extracts, fat burners, metabolism boosters and nutrition supplements. Just after the recall, the manufacturer attempted to remove the harmful ingredient that may have caused all the dangerous side effects among consumers.

FDA investigation showed that the ingredients that needed change was Hydroxycitric acid and thus, banned the product. Few months following the ban, Lovate Health Sciences released a new version called phenphedrine Advanced.

This herbal product was given a marketing propaganda similar to its predecessor. While Lovate informed the public that phenphedrine Advanced did not contain the ingredients present in the banned version, there were reports that many consumers experienced side effects including insomnia, depression, and acute anxiety.

As of this moment, Lovate is in the middle of facing lawsuits filed by millions of users who have taken phenphedrine over the last seven-years. While it may be true that only a few have experienced severe health complications, the side effects experienced by the majority may compromise their health in the years to come.

These people who filed a lawsuit against Lovate seek financial compensation for the injuries and damages they received. With the assistance of seasoned lawyers and law firms, these people have successfully brought Lovate to the Justice system.

If you are a victim of phenphedrine, or know someone who has suffered the side effects of phenphedrine, it is important that you receive phenphedrine lawyer help. You need to visit your physician to treat the health problem immediately. Keeping a recorded history of the side effects of phenphedrine are helpful in any lawsuit you might file.

Once you have found a law firm, lawyers can evaluate you health case. They will also be aware of related, pending, current, or previous investigations. With their legal help, you can eventually be compensated for your healthcare suffering and costs.