Personal fitness trainer-A guide for achieving fitness

This article elaborates to the readers about personal fitness trainer. It also details the qualification and experience of a trainer and what should one lo…

A personal fitness trainer is a professional who prescribes exercises and also offer instructions. They provide motivation to the clients and also set goals for them. These trainers hold the customer accountable for their progress or no progress and keep giving feedback to them. They also access the fitness level of their customers. These assessments are done before and after an exercise regime to see the client’s improvement in physical fitness levels. They offer education to the customers in general health issues and on nutrition. A qualified personal trainer does not go beyond their expertise area. If a client has a medical condition the trainer can refer them to health professionals for health clearance.

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There are certain qualification and experience which people look for while going for a personal fitness trainer Beijing. These qualification and experiences are as follows-

•    The trainers must have proof of their professional qualifications and also of first aid application.

•    In this field experience matters. So the personal trainers must be adequately experienced.

•    Enquire about the kind of results their other clients have achieved while working with them.If possible goes through the testimonials of the clients.

•    Ask the trainers how they update themselves regarding new fitness trends and health issues. For example, do they go for refresher courses? Do they attend seminars? Do they subscribe to exercise science journals?

•    If the client has any medical condition make sure the trainer is knowledgeable about those conditions and is ready to work with         client’s doctor for the betterment of the client.

•    The trainers or their employers must have professional liability insurance and also must have proof of this insurance.

Apart from experience and qualification the things one should look for in a personal      fitness trainer-

•    Ask about the cost of the services offered by the trainer and the type of payment options the clients can avail.

•    If there is any discounts available for bigger training packages.

•    What are the rates for extra services and cancellation?

•    Are the trainers available on the particular days and on the specific time when the customer is free?

•    Do the trainers recommend medical check-ups? They do this specifically when the clients’ are exercising after a long break, when they are aged over forty years or when they are patients’ of chronic disease.

•    The range of physical activities these trainers offer.

•    Ask how they customize their training programs in accordance to the needs of the trainee. What sort of support they offer so the client’s achieve their goals?

•    Can they offer nutritional advices also?

•    The trainee must ask themselves if he/she can get along with the fitness professional and if they are genuinely eager to help them.

•    A fitness expert must be a good listener and the customer must be comfortable while asking questions and also while discussing their aims with the trainer.

•    A genuine, good and experienced trainer will always access the client’s progress and will  make changes from time to time.

Choosing the correct fitness trainer requires some homework on the part of the trainee as progress depends on them.