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Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) is a hole between the two lower chambers of the heart. Recent study in this regard explores that VSD is a congenital disease. They even say that in about 40% of children born with VSD, the hole is small and it closes on its own after birth. Continuous research is going on to analyze the causes of VSD in children; despite the fact that it is very common in infants and in some cases they even face some other health complications. The diagnosis of VSD is usually alleged clinically by hearing of an attribute heart murmur. Medical evaluation of child with the possibility VSD is designed in a manner to diagnose and scrutinize any other anatomical defect in the heart and to even analyze the size of the defect.

Pediatric cardiologist’s worldwide state, if the VSD is small then no treatment procedure is required. But if it is large, then the child needs medical attention and surgery to repair the defect. Generally the surgical procedure of VSD has long-term outlook which enables the child to live a healthier lifestyle thereafter. The surgical procedure typically involves placing a patch to close the hole between the right and left ventricle of the heart. The child is kept under observation to monitor and evaluate the functioning of heart and to even analyze any other health complications which can be taken care of by the medical team. The principal benefit for the child after VSD Surgery is normal functioning of the heart and the child can adopt healthier lifestyle to avoid any health issues in future.

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