Orthovisc- Cure Knee Pain Effectively

Orthovisc injection proves to be a useful medication in reducing osteoarthritis symptoms and pain that disturbs the daily life of many people.

There are a lot of people suffering from severe joint pain which keeps them away from enjoying many things that they love to do the most. One major reason behind the problem of severe joint pain is Osteoarthritis. Now osteoarthritis is considered as one of the most painful diseases that can shrink the natural fluid present in the knees thereby making the patients unable to move or stand properly.

When knee joint pain disturbs your regular routine and set the limits of different activities, you must understand that it’s the right time to obtain a relief from it. In fact osteoarthritis affects the cartilage which covers the end of the bones. In such a condition, the person suffers from joint stiffness after sitting for several long hours or when getting out of bed every morning.

Tenderness and swelling is more or less common among people suffering from osteoarthritis. Apart from these, many people suffer from a crunch feeling or a sound of the bone friction. Such symptoms are considered as some of the major warning signs for osteoarthritis. According to various medical reports, in the United States alone, there are several millions of people who are undergoing treatment to cure mild to moderate osteoarthritis problems in the knee joints.

As a matter of fact, osteoarthritis can be caused due to different reasons like old age, injury in the joints, being overweight, nutritional problems, genetic defect, over usage, stress on the joints, wearing high heels, congenital or development. As far as treatment of osteoarthritis is concerned, the medical fraternity has come up with Orthovisc injections.

Medical practitioners around the world consider orthovisc as the safest treatment option available. This FDA approve treatment procedure comprise of the ultra pure hyaluronan which is dissolved in saline. This injection contains hyaluronan in its saline state which is similar to the natural synovial fluid present in the knee joints. The main purpose of the fluid which is injected into the problematic knee is to work as a shock absorber and lubricant.

Orthovisc injections are directly administered into the painful knee area of the patients under strict supervision of the medical experts and doctors. Such a process helps to regain the lubricating and cushioning properties of the knee joint. It is suggested to avoid all kinds of prolonged and tiring activities like jogging, lifting weights etc for about 48 hours following the injection.

On the whole, Orthovisc intra articular injections are demonstrated as effective and safe in the treatment of the severe knee joint pain. With the use of every injection, good amount of natural chemicals are introduced into the body which is quite essential for the knees. However, it must be kept in mind that this treatment has to be administered under the strict supervision of the experts and should not be if you are suffering from any kind of injection of skin disease. Nonetheless, it is also significant to consult with your healthcare providers about the pros and cons of getting the injection.