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Family dentistry is a very important part of the dental health care system. If you are concerned about the dental care of your family members, one of the i…

To deem one’s health complete, one needs to be physically, emotional and mentally fit. To measure physical health, annual physical examinations are carried out and this investigation includes the assessment of the health of the oral cavity.

A person cannot be deemed healthy if his oral health is neglected. It is, therefore, necessary for everyone to schedule regular appointments with their dentists, not just so they can continue flashing a beautiful smile, but so that they continue to enjoy the many contributions of the teeth in speech, nourishment and facial integrity. Caring for your teeth is important. It is a duty that people have to begin to understand early on, as younger individuals, with the helpful instruction of their dentist and the strict supervision of their parents.

Family Dentistry is important because it sets a formidable foundation which the future can rely on. When parents make a decision to bring their family to see Dr. Thakur, they can trust that the dental team will provide them with the level of care that they deserve. The practice if devoted to Orlando Family Dentistry, in an effort to forth exemplary dental health care, one family at a time.

Disease Prevention

Especially for children or much younger patients, the most significant treatment they will receive are more focussed on the prevention of disease. Children have developing teeth and jaws, which are more susceptible to disease attack, so a good deal of prevention will do wonders for their health.

The most basic preventive procedure is provided through proper dental education and hygiene instruction. Parents are always encouraged to learn directly from Dr. Thakur, how to properly care for their teeth and their children’s teeth at home, through brushing, flossing and good diet. Other preventive procedures include dental cleaning, fluoride application and pit and fissure sealants. Dental cleaning and scaling prevents the onset of gum disease and dental caries. Such procedures are scheduled every six months, to ensure the health of your teeth and gums. Fluoride strengthens teeth and dental seals cover deep grooves and fissures, thus rendering the teeth, less susceptible to bacterial attack. All of these considerations are given importance to.

The Importance of Family Dentistry

Fear of dentists is common. People of different ages refuse to see a dentist and accept any kind of dental treatment because of a bad past experience or because of horrifying tales that were relayed to them. Much of these traumas develop when the person is young and they are carried onto adulthood. As a result, oral health is neglected and you have a person with badly broken, decayed and missing teeth.

In our practice, we put a big focus on Family Dentistry because we believe that everything should start when a person is young. When parents make the right decision to give importance to their child’s oral condition, they responsibly ensure good health not just at present but for the coming years.

When the child is introduced to the dentist, the dental office, the dental materials and the different procedures at an early age, the development of irrational fear of dentists are avoided and what you can rely on, instead, is a cooperative and participant patient who understands the significance of what is being performed and has a thorough appreciation of what is being done. He receives instruction well. He values the importance of oral health. The condition of his oral health is more or less, superb!

Family Dentistry at Orlando provides comprehensive and progressive dental treatment in a comfortable and respectful environment.