Occupational Therapist and Techniques

In today's tense and busy occupational life more and more people are relying on occupational therapist services. Occupational therapist is the tra…

In today’s tense and busy occupational life more and more people are relying on occupational therapist services. Occupational therapist is the trained professionals who helps people to accomplish a happy and satisfied state in day to day life. The role of these professionals is to give support and training to the needy so that they can able to live without help of others.

It uses actions artistically and therapeutically to get goals which are significant to a person and to decrease the cause of dysfunction. Many surveys and studies have revealed the impact of occupation on people’s health and mental state, therefore the role of such therapies is enhancing with a great speed.

Occupational therapist assistants can also help you with your driving test if that is one of the goals which can help you get out into the workforce. The occupational therapy assistant can also help you get specialized door knobs which make it easier for you to get in and out of your house. You have to make your house more accessible in instances of disability or injury if you hope to make it back out into the workforce on a regular basis.

There are OT programs at schools that are certificate programs. These programs help a certified occupational therapist take courses that help them to learn about and prepare for the growing specific needs in their field. Perhaps a course regarding the needs of the elderly or pain management, for example. Even after a person becomes an OT it is still important to continue to educate yourself to meet the demands of your field.

There are good job prospects for licensed occupational therapists working in all settings, but most particularly for those who are working in rehabilitation, acute hospitals, and orthopedic settings. This is because of the growing elderly population who receives the majority of their treatments in these settings. Licensed therapists earn between $35.35 to $40.72 in median hourly salary. The registered occupational therapy professional’s hourly rate ranges from $24.75 to $43.98 while a registered/licensed occupational therapist (OTR/L) receives between $27.17 and $36.81 an hour.

The occupational therapist job description would also depend on the type of establishment in which he is employed. Although many therapists work in hospitals and other health care centers, there are quite a few working in schools and industrial centers. Their job description would include taking care of learning disabilities or teaching handicapped people new and effective skills to help them manage and gain employment.