Natural remedies as best treatment for lower back pain

Almost everyone is suffering from lower back pain at some point of time. There is a need to take some corrective measures to cure it either naturally or se…

Firstly you need to identify the causes why it occurs? Usually, it will go in few days but the problem arises when it turns into chronic pain. Have you ever heard about the heat therapy used for curing lower back pain? Are you aware about the mechanism that helps in providing relief from that severe pain? Here is the brief overview on heat therapy that acts as best treatment for lower back pain such as:

  • It expands the blood vessels of the muscles that surrounds to the lumbar spine. This process helps in increasing the flow of oxygen and other nutrients to the muscles. It also heals the damaged tissues.
  • Heat helps in stimulating the sensory receptors inside the skin that decreases the number of pain signals to the brain.
  • This therapy allows stretching of soft tissues around the spine that include connective tissues, muscles and adhesions. Heat therapy decreases the body stiffness as well as injury. On the other hand, it also increases the body flexibility and allows your body to experience the phase of comfort zone.

After going through the mechanism of heat therapy, there is a need to know about some more important treatments. Other available options are chiropractic care, massage therapy or visiting Neck and Back Pain Clinic. Chiropractic care center is just like other health care units where patients are being treated by the physicians. Individuals who are employed are known as chiropractors. They use manual techniques such as adjustment and manipulation of spinal tissues. Manipulation activity is used to repair the issues and adjustment is done to relocate the tissues to their original points. Many chiropractors also provide nutritional counseling and corrective exercises in their treatment plan. They mainly focus on non-invasive, drug-free treatments to cure various disorders.

You can also try out some natural remedies that can act as best treatment for lower back painsuch as stretching activities and many more. You can increase your muscle ability by stretching out your body. Also you can initiate some physical activities in your daily schedule such as swimming or yoga to make your body flexible. Strengthen your power by doing exercises that involves the participation of your whole body, especially the core muscles of the back, stomach and pelvis. Try to sleep over a compact mattress in a position that allows your body to retain that natural curve in your back. Devote at least 20 minutes to aerobic exercises, like walking, running and swimming to increase muscular endurance. It also provides cardiovascular fitness and reduces stress. Avoid sitting for longer hours. Keep your hips and knees at right angles while sitting. Also, when standing, try and keep your shoulders straight, chest forward, head up and stomach tight.

In case you have chronic back pain then consult a professional at Gilbert Physical Medicine. Check out the list of services and choose the one according to your needs.