Modern mums moving to modern scientific approaches of cord blood collection

With the most pioneering science discovery, mothers are also making use of such methods for the health concern of their baby. Belinda Hunter, an Australian…

With the most pioneering science discovery, mothers are also making use of such methods for the health concern of their baby. Belinda Hunter, an Australian mother, has been successful to save the life of her baby not only once but two times. She is in fact among those several mothers of the country who are doing insurance for the baby. No, they are not at all paying to an insurance company but they are engaged in cord blood preservation of stem cells of their new born. These cells are being transferred for the cryopreservation of cells and for banking in future. Few seconds after the birth of junior Hunter, the umbilical cord blood and stem cells present in them were extracted carefully. These cells collected are to be used in future for the treatment of several diseases especially cancer.

The trend has taken sudden rise because about fifty percent of people diagnosed with several blood disorders every year do not find a match for their bone marrow. To find a donor who is compatible can take time or might not be found. The only way to combat this situation is umbilical storage during birth. It is only one procedure which can prove to be an elixir of the baby’s life. Umbilical cord blood is the most valuable resource for the treatment as it acts as a perfect match due to no immune rejection. Moreover, many of the parents view the cord blood storage as a profitable investment. As per Mr. and Mrs. Hunter cord blood cost of eighteen years storage was the most worthwhile expenditure at this time and for future also.

Parents also believe that it is not sure whether their baby is going to need these or not. On the other hand their storage can be used for the baby and or even another child. Stem cells obtained from the umbilical cord blood is regarded among the best stem cell source that act as repair cells for treatments against numerous blood diseases including blood cancer. Nowadays, scientists are also involved in the study of use of stem cells against cardio and brain disorders. With the popularity of the trend, more and more companies in the whole country are offering the services of private cord blood banking.

As per Dr. Andrew Davidson, Stem life Medical Director and also gynecologist, many Gold Coast Women are very keen about this new trend.  Nowadays, they do not want to miss the golden chance to provide second life to their baby. It is beneficial for both parents as well as company as parents get relaxed after banking of the cord blood collection and on the other hand company receives the valuable stem cells. Dr. Davidson shared that a research was done which showed that only one in 220 cases donate the cord blood for the treatment in the future either for themselves or for their siblings or family members. Stem cells are not the complete solution for cancer treatment. They can however be effectively used in recovery of diseases. Researchers are fully assured that their more uses will come into light with continuous research in this field.