Migraine, Much More Than A Headache!

If Like Myself You Suffer From Migraines Then You Will Know That it is a Crippling Condition, not Just Another Headache as Some People Think, and When Migr…

If like myself you suffer from migraines then you will know that it is a crippling condition, not just another headache as some people think, and when migrain strikes, “life stops”, as you deal with the visual disturbances, sensitivity to light, smell, sound and debilitating nausea. What makes things worse is that many of the recommended prescription remedies for migraine headaches, just don’t work.

So lets take a look at what’s available as a treatment for migraines:

Physicians often prescribe migraine medicines such as Imitrex and Advil for migraine sufferers but as I mentioned before these don’t work for everyone, may have side effects and can interact with other medications, which is the reason so many, myself included, search for a natural home remedy for migraine. However, before I talk further about these I have an area of concern that I would like to mention first.

I talk to many fellow sufferers and have noticed that there is a great deal of interest in Topomax, a treatment for migraine, which is not yet widely available on prescription. To this I say, “thank goodness”, as according to FDA warnings being sent out to physicians, it increases the risk of glaucoma and acute myopia. What worries me most about this is that you often see cheap generic Topomax advertised on websites as relief from migraine headaches. When you buy from these websites you are buying medications from another country and they can be substandard, or even potentially dangerous.

If you are skeptical about using natural cures for migraines, then there is no cause for concern as many medications originate from plants and their extracts. In fact Native Americans used willow bark to treat pain long before the drug companies purified it and turned it into aspirin, and the drug dihydroergotamine or as it is commonly known DHE, which is used to treat acute migraine headaches originated from a fungus that grows on damp rye grain.

Today herbal migraine prevention is commonplace and vitamins; minerals and herbal supplements are used to treat various health conditions including migrane. However it is necessary to remember that not all herbs and vitamins and minerals treat migraine consistently, and you will find rows upon rows of herbal remedies together with vitamins and minerals in most pharmacies, nutrition or grocery stores. Yet there are only a few of these that are an effective migraine headache remedy.

So lets take a look at a few preventative measures and natural remedies for migraines:

Migraine preventions include eating bran cereal, which is high in magnesium. This is an essential mineral that occurs naturally in nuts and whole grains, and levels are often low in the blood of those who suffer from migraine headache pain. According to research taking a 600mg magnesium supplement each morning can bring migraine relief by reducing the incidence of attacks by forty two percent and its severity by thirty four percent.

Riboflavin migraine supplementation is often combined with fewerfew in proprietary herbal remedies

Research has indicated that taking a 50mg supplement of the root extract of Butterbur twice a day for three months lessens the incidence of migraines by up to forty two percent and another study showed that it was effectual in preventing migraine.

Other vitamins and herbs, which have often relied upon for help with migraines, include peppermint oil, co-enzyme Q10, 5HTP and Melatonin. Although herbs are natural it is necessary to remember that some may have side effects, so it is wise to discuss this with your health practitioner before you start taking anything that has not been thoroughly researched.

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Patrick Ogunnaike has suffered from migraine attacks for over 25 years but has developed natural techniques to reduce his migraines attacks from 3-4 times a month to 1 attack or less. And where his migraines previously lasted 12-24 hours now they tend to only last between 4-6. Now with the release of his nutritional supplement Migraine Complex he is helping other migraineurs find drug free solutions.