Mention Your Medical History When Talking To Dentists in Toowoomba

If you have any problem or queries about your oral heath, finding a very good dentist is only half the solution. No matter how good your dentist is, they s…

If you have any problem or queries about your oral heath, finding a very good dentist is only half the solution. No matter how good your dentist is, they still need correct and reliable information from you so as to ensure that whatever that they do, is correct and will not lead to any complications in the future.

When you visit dentists in Toowoomba, it is very important that you provide a detailed history of any and all medical conditions that you may have had in the past. By notifying your dentist about these issues, you will be getting a safer and more personalized care.

If you have had a history of the following conditions, do make sure to talk to your dentist about it. This is because your oral healthcare expert needs to know if you are taking any medication as well as the dosage that you are taking. This includes prescription medicines as well as non-prescription medicines. For example, a dry mouth is a very common symptom of any medicines. As a result, a patient who uses these medicines many need gum treatment.


It is very important that you notify your oral health care physician if you are suffering from osteoporosis. The medication most commonly used to treat osteoporosis is called as biphosphonates which are known to cause jaw problems which could be followed by missing teeth.


There are a couple of oral treatments that will have to be postponed by the dentist if you are pregnant.


People suffering from unrestrained diabetes usually have a low resistance to infection which makes them very susceptible to periodontal diseases. They may also have other issues such as inadequate response to healing, hypoglycaemia and even extreme blood loss.

Blood Pressure

Almost all major blood pressure medication has side effects that can influence oral health. Patients taking medication that deals with their heart, liver, kidney or lung may have adverse reactions other medication.

Cigarettes, drinking and allergies

Heavy smokers and drinkers are at an increased risk of oral cancer as compared to those who don’t smoke or drink. Allergies are especially something important that you have to discuss with your oral health care expert as it will have a major impact on the medication and treatment that you receive.


Syncope, more commonly known as fainting, is one of the most common problems experienced at the offices of an oral health care expert. Syncope is usually connected with other problems such as orthostatic hypotension, coughing as well as certain medication. The worst part about syncope is that it can happen to anyone regardless of age. However, it is most common with geriatric patients.

While there are a number of dentists in Toowoomba,It is always a very good idea to have a single oral health care expert for yourself and your family. This is because then, the oral physician will be aware of your and your family’s medical history and will be able to prescribe the right treatments and medication based on your condition.

By informing your oral health care expert well in advance, you can be sure that the treatments that they will be prescribing you is in accordance with your medical history so that you do not get any problems due to it. Also, it’s always to choose a family oral health care expert over a more specialized oral health care expert as a family oral physician will be able to have a record of the medical history of your entire family. This medical history will become very important in the future when you or your children move away, they will have a record that your new oral health care expert will be able to refer to.