Medical transcription is vital

Medical Transcription means re-presenting dictation into written form, the dictation by the physicians and healthcare professionals regarding patient asses…

Medical Transcription means re-presenting dictation into written form, the dictation by the physicians and healthcare professionals regarding patient assessment, progress, medical actions, clinical course, diagnosis, prognosis, in order to document patient care and provide healthcare services. Simply putting it is typing out a recorded voice message of a doctor. A Medical Transcriptionist is a medical Language specialist who, using a computer, headphones and a foot pedal, transcribes the recorded audio into electronic data. This data is further examined for grammar and precision by a proofreader. The common practice followed by doctors is to dictate and record information and reports of the patient, either into audiotape, Dictaphone or on to digital voice processing systems. These tapes are then sent to overseas medical transcription companies involved in medical transcription to convert these voice dictations into hard text reports. These reports represent the patient’s treatment history, including impost.  

Medical transcription, also known as MT, is an allied health profession, which deals in the process of transcription; converting voice-recorded reports as dictated by physicians and/or other healthcare professionals, into text format. It is an integral part of medical healthcare sector. Medical transcription facilitates the need of saving data about the crucial information about a particular patient’s complete history; person’s background, consulting details, medicines prescribed. In short pertinent up-to-date, confidential patient information is converted to a written text document by a medical transcriptionist (MT). This text may be printed and placed in the patient’s record and/or retained only in electronic format.

Medical transcription services can be performed by MTs who are working in hospitals or who work at home as telecommuting employees for the hospital; by MTs working as telecommuting employees or independent freelancers for an outsourced service that performs the work offsite under contract to a hospital, clinic, physician group or other healthcare provider; or by MTs working directly for the providers of medical transcriptionservices, either onsite or telecommuting as employees or contractors. Hospital facilities often prefer electronic storage of medical records due to the sheer volume of hospital in house patients and the accumulation of tons of paperwork. The electronic storage in hospitals database gives immediate access to concerned departments and even Medical transcription servicesproviders regarding the patient’s care to date, amount of previous or present medications, notification of allergies, and establishes a history on the patient to facilitate healthcare delivery regardless of geographical distance or location. This has to be done quickly and efficiently.

Medical transcription companies in India are served by highly qualified team of professionals to provide unparalleled medical transcription services. Medical transcription companies consist of a team of transcriptionists, editors, quality controllers and proofreaders, who have great proficiency in utilizing the software tools and dictation equipment. The experts of medical transcription field transcribe complex medical records and reports into 100% error free documents.  Professionals serving in the industry need to have good listening and language skills of several medical descriptive. Person interested in this field need to undergo full-fledged training in order to meet the demand of this service sector.