Medical services in u.s

U.S is known for its state-of-the-art, life saving advances with new medical products being found and launched everyday like HIV/AIDS drugs which is the la…

U.S is known as the most advanced country in the field of medical services and technology amongst the developed countries. Its medical history can be traced back to the times of Hippocrates, considered to be the Father of Medicine and Galen, most important contributor to the medical field. From the era of 1500s to 1900s, U.S has given such advanced medical technologies to the world, that it can truly be called the Medical Super Power.

U.S has achieved excellence in medical field, all thanks to its free healthcare programs and allocation of huge funds to the medical sector. The invention of new and advanced surgical instruments and the discovery of new immunizations and vaccinations is backed by government encouragement. The services of highly trained and equipped Paramedics or the complex organization of EMS (Emergency Medical Services) is an excellent public service in the public healthcare sector. Governmental organizations like Medicare and Medicaid are also excellent examples of public healthcare offering discounted rates.

The best medical product companies like Johnson & Johnson, 3M, Kimberly, Baxter, Cardinal Health and many more are based in US and it speaks for the availability of best health care available with qualified doctors and state-of-art facilities. The accessibility of these medical aids is an important factor and services like Life Flight (a helicopter that contains emergency medical equipment and staff) takes critical patients to a larger medical center and also transport victims of automobile accidents in areas where ambulance care would take too long to reach. Emergi-care or acute care clinics are clinics that will quickly see people, who are ill though not serious.

Health care at reduced rates are also available and dental and eye care clinics may be affiliated with teaching hospitals and medical/dental schools in many cities. The standards of care are very high throughout the country and all medical centers are accredited and rated by licensing organization JCAHO. Preventive health care is also stressed on with immunization centers and ‘well-child’ visits.

USA has a very good health insurance system. In US individuals and families can receive coverage through government programs or purchase private health insurance. Health insurance helps policy-holders pay for doctor visits, hospital care, laboratory services, specialist care, prescription drugs, and home health care and emergency services.

The United States of America, with all its superb facilities, advancement in technology and new discoveries everyday, is a Medical Super Power in the true sense.