Medicaid of Ohio: Understanding Medicaid of Ohio

Medicaid is a program that is provided through federal and state funds, and in the state of Ohio is the largest program of it’s kind, and has been around t…

Medicaid Health Insurance is a healthcare program that is provided through national and province funding, and in Ohio is the largest plan of it’s kind, and has been around the longest. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services is in charge of running the Medicaid program.

Medicaid is designed to protect people who can not afford medical insurance by covering their medical bills. There are specific criteria that determine who qualifies, based on income; in addition pregnant women, disabled people, senior citizens who are not receiving Medicare, families who are already receiving help through Social Services and refugees with emergency medical needs will be able to receive Medicaid.

Contacting the Dept. of Social Services is the simplest way to determine if you qualify. Literature is also available through the Department of Social Services that will spell out all the information you need. If you believed that you qualify for services, the next step is to request an application. A case worker will be assigned once you are approved to answer your questions.

There are quite a few pages in the application so it could take some time to complete. There are questions not only about your family income, but also your spouse, assets and any emergency medical needs.

Understanding is needed during the application process. Once it is processed and you have been approved, you will receive an identification card that you would take with you to the doctor, hospital or pharmacy. Many people will be completely covered while others will have copays. Examples of co-payments would be five or ten dollars. Nonetheless, the price is very low compared to what you could pay for doctor and prescriptions without it. Medicaid gives people access to the health care they need but could not afford to get otherwise.

Questions about Ohio Medicaid can be answered by the Dept of Social Services. They can give you guidance on application procedures as well as answer questions on how the program itself works. If you believe you might qualify it is absolutely worth your time to check into your own eligibility, as this wonderful program can help you stay healthy and safe during difficult financial times.