Master health checkup

Master health checkup or health screening is a proactive approach to show commitment towards health and welfare. Health check-ups aim to spot early medical…

India, with a population of more than one billion people is the world’s second largest. It has been a long standing dream for the people to have access to high quality, best of its class medical services. India’s economy has been one among the steadily growing with rapidly expanding middle class and well educated citizens’ who express their zeal for healthcare par excellence.

Master health check-up or Health screening is a proactive approach to show commitment towards health and welfare. Health check-ups aim to spot early medical conditions resulting in ill health and pre mature death. Today’s lifestyle habits and occupational demands have a great impact and negative effect on health and well being.

Multi Specialty Hospitals offer various packages to suit different individuals based on their sex, age and exposure to risk factors. For instance, MIOT Hospitals offers Master health check packages for executives and women apart from general package, Cardiac health check, Whole body health check, Women wellness, Senior citizen, Child health check, Liver and Gastro, Diabetic health check, Cancer screening and Pre-employment health check       

What is the cost of Master health check up?

Health check diagnosis tests are grouped under different packages to suit every individual. They are also customized on case-to-case basis. However, the cost is considered extremely affordable and the benefits are expected to be incomparable with the cost associated, leaving you confident on your health condition or alarming to react to any abnormalities.

MIOT Hospitals has been credited with breakthroughs in orthopedics, pinhole and keyhole surgeries, nephrology, cardiology and pediatric cardiology. It pioneered Computer Navigated Total Knee Replacement and actively researches joint replacement techniques and materials that ensure zero error and longevity, as part of the Joint for Life programme. Recognizing the need for joints customized to the Indian anatomy, the hospital is developing state-of-the-art and economical joints, a first in India’s medical history. MIOT is the first hospital in Asia-Pacific to commission the latest armory in fighting cancer. Its TrueBeam STx is a revolutionary radiotherapy instrument in treating cancer.

MIOT Hospitals has been setting up benchmarking standards in the services industry especially in Healthcare only for it to surpass its own records and standards time and again. From its humble beginning in Chennai as a hospital specializing in Orthopaedics and Trauma in 1999, MIOT Hospitals has grown up to be a leader in the industry with its world class multispecialty (more than 40 specialities) offerings with-in a span of 13 years. From diagnostic scans and computer navigation to miniaturized instruments, the hospital has invested heavily in the latest technology, resulting in precise diagnoses, minimally invasive treatments and faster recovery periods. MIOT Hospitals, being a multi-crore multi-specialty hospital is nationally and internationally acclaimed for its professional standards and has collaborators in Germany and UK. From 100 beds to current capacity of 600 beds, MIOT is now gearing up to 1000 bedded Super-Speciality Hospital.