Last Minute Help When Good Teeth Go Bad

Regular dental care is very important since our teeth helps in breaking down food.

Leaving that 2 a.m. toothache to fester could cost you your tooth, but the hassle of getting a timely appointment keeps many people out of the dentist’s chair. Some Family dentistry and orthodontics practices are now serving as an emergency dentist in Phoenix AZ. They hope the service will save teeth and provide fast relief to area residents.

Outside of their annual appointments, many people stay away from the dentist unless they knock a tooth out or are in excruciating pain. Most dental emergencies, however, start long before then. Lost dental crowns, cracked teeth and noticing quite a bit of pink in the sink are all emergencies no matter how little they hurt.

Our mouths are full of bacteria. We need that bacteria to help up digest our food, but it will turn against us in a heartbeat if given the opportunity. Cracks in the teeth, exposed tooth pulp and trauma to the gums all provide openings for infection and decay. Writing off just a little, annoying pain or a small crack as harmless could be sacrificing a natural tooth in the name of convenience.

Unfortunately, visiting the dentist is seen as a chore at the best of times. Twenty-four-hour dental services cost an arm and a leg, making it difficult to find an affordable appointment quickly even if you are in unbearable pain. Ignoring less painful problems entirely sounds easier than draining the bank or calling the normal dentist only to be told you cannot be seen for two weeks.

Dental services aim to fill the gap between pricy, 24-hour services and standard Phoenix AZ dentists. With same-day emergency appointments available seven days a week, a patient can call in the morning and have their problem looked at after work. In some cases, they can take patients from a phone call to the dentist’s chair in under an hour.

Each office is outfitted with the latest equipment and can perform a comprehensive range of emergency therapies for adults and children alike. They can treat abscesses, damaged teeth, gums and oral trauma that does not demand an ER visit. Their on-staff orthodonist can fix broken braces.

When an emergency arises, it is recommended to rinse your mouth and apply a cold compress to any swelling, but stop yourself from reaching for the aspirin. NSAID pain relieving products can increase bleeding. If you have knocked out a tooth, keep it moist by keeping it in a glass of milk.

Patients seeking emergency services should call a reliable Dental Clinic as soon as they can. Describe the issue in detail to ensure the dentist is prepared for the type of treatment you need. Let the office know if you have a heart condition, are on blood thinners or are at risk for infections.

You can save a few minutes off of your wait time by printing forms from dental websites and filling them out before you visit the actual clinic. Have your dental insurance information on-hand. Once you arrive, you can expect to be taken back within minutes.

Worried parents can rest assured that their children are in good hands. Children require specialized care to protect the health of growing jaws and teeth, and good dental services have pedodontists on staff. They are also certified to administer nitrous oxide. The harmless gas takes the terror out of procedures. In fact, some patients will have no memory of the procedure.

Anxious adults can also breathe a sigh of relief. That infected tooth may need root canal therapy, but root canal treatments are not as sinister as their reputation suggests. The latest dental techniques allow the area to be fully numbed during the procedure, and patients can expect to heal quickly.

Emergency services launched earlier this year, and patients seeking an emergency dentist or endodontist in Phoenix AZ, can already make same-day appointments in good dental clinics in the area. The open availability will encourage more people to stop procrastinating and take care of their teeth.