Lap Band Surgery in India- a Story of Usa Patient

Jessica Campbell- A Patient from Chicago-USA got her Lap band Surgery in India, the article describes about her surgery and experience in India. Further it…

India is fast becoming hub for getting the Obesity Surgery-specially the Lap Band Surgery. Most Important Reason to do so is that the cost of the Lap Band Surgery is very low in India-almost 20% of the cost of what one would pay in USA, Canada or UK.

India is big on medical tourism. And now foreigners are increasingly making a beeline here for various Obesity procedures. The most sought-after surgery by foreigners is Lap Band surgery. Americans are the biggest clients, followed by tourists from Eastern Europe, in India. In fact, in the United States, Obesity surgery is a luxury many middle-class Americans can’t afford. It’s also not covered by insurance. About 45% of foreigners travel to India to get these surgeries done at a very low and affordable price.Lap Band Surgery is the surgery done for obesity. This type of surgery is in high demand as in the US as 45% of its population is estimated to be overweight. Lap Band Surgery in India brings patients from US and Europe to the country.

What is Lap-Band Surgery?

Lap-Band Surgery is the process of placing a prosthesis known as the LAP-BAND around the upper stomach to create a smaller stomach pouch that in turn limits the amount of food an individual can fit into their stomach. The Lap-Band (a bariatric surgery procedure) was approved by the FDA in 2001 and gained increasing popularity in the weight loss world from that point forward. The procedure itself is minimally invasive as surgeons enter the stomach region via small incisions and use surgical instruments to insert the Lap-Band. The main reason for having the surgery performed is so that the individual having it done will not only lose weight but keep the weight off as well. This is a new method that is recommended for those individuals who experience morbid obesity and have tried to lose the weight but have failed in their attempts to lose the weight and keep it off.

Jessica Campbell- A Patient from Chicago-USA got her Lap band Surgery in India, this is what he had to say about her surgery and experience in India-

“I was always obese. I wanted to get the surgery done since last 4 years, but the price in USA was simply over my budget. I got my surgery in India by a company called Forerunners Healthcare. And I should say it was one of best decisions and experiences. From the time I arrived I felt I was in good hands. The surgeon was a very qualified Dr. and I felt confident within his care. I will recommend to anyone contemplating the Lap Band surgery to get it in India. I got the best price for my Lap Band Surgery. I checked out all the places in India and other countries, but what I got from Forerunners Healthcare was simply unbeatable. The service and the care simply were beyond my expectations”.

More and more patients like Jessica are traveling to India for getting rid of their long-standing obesity problem. The Lap-Band procedure is minimally invasive, which offers the advantages of reduced pain, length of hospital stay and recovery period. There is no cutting or stapling of the stomach or bypassing the intestines. If for any reason the band needs to be removed, the stomach generally returns to its original form.

The Lap-Band is a silicone elastomer ring designed to be placed around the upper part of the stomach and filled with saline on the inner surface. It is placed around the stomach laparoscopically. The band is connected by tubing to an access port that is placed beneath the skin during surgery.

The surgeon can adjust the Lap-Band by adding or subtracting saline inside the inner balloon through the access port. This adjustment process helps drive the rate of weight loss. If the band is too loose and weight loss inadequate, adding more saline can reduce the size of the stoma to further restrict the amount of food that can move through it. If the band it too tight, the surgeon will remove some saline to loosen the band and reduce the amount of restriction.

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