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Biotechnology in a lay man's language is a science that has branched out from biology and chemistry. This study has gained lot of momentum specifi…

Biotechnology, once a subject of curiosity has now become a universally known and accepted phenomenon. Many companies have shown interest in discovering the potential of biotechnology and using it for the benefit of the society. Currently whether it is an engineering firm or a pharmaceutical production set up, most of them are powered by the concept of biotechnology.

As the interest in biotechnology rose high, so did the number of people wishing to study the subject. There was a time when there would have been just one biotechnology company but now the number would have lost count in India alone. The pharma sector has seen a heavy divergence towards this science. Scientists are working on finding cures for fatal diseases like Cancer and AIDS with the help of biotechnology.

Biotech is helping different sectors in many ways, below mentioned are a few of them

Agriculture:Agriculture being the back-bone of our nation, biotechnology is proving to be a boon to this sector. For instance farmers can now grow tastier and healthier fruits and vegetables without heavy and dangerous use of chemical fertilizers. Not just this even the nutritional value of crops has been said to have increased because of biotechnology.

Healthcare sector: A Biotechnology company is not new in the healthcare sector. From vaccinations to skin renewal therapies, the use of this technology is indispensable. India is witnessing a constant rise in the number of pharmaceutical companies that are coming up with effective cures for diseases that once where considered to be non-curable. Whether it is treating Diabetes type1, improving the vision, killing cancer cells or helping in cell renewal, biotechnology has contributed to all of these and researchers feel there is a lot of growth potential in future too.

Any new study becomes the subject of interest of millions only when it proves its worth and stands the test of time. The scope of this science no doubt is vast and is helping a lot of sectors; there is another aspect to biotech which is the cost factor. This technology is considerably low-cost the primary reason being the infusion of biology in it. In biotechnology the cells of living organisms are used to create cure for illnesses they suffer. It is a phenomenon wherein the cure of a problem is being derived from the problem itself, this is proven reality today.

The use of biotechnology in different fields is surely a good achievement; this also raises the question of ethical use of this science. If brought to use for unethical reasons this science can turn to be destructive, it is the responsibility of the people working in this field and the government to keep a tab on any biotechnology company they feel is not adhering to the laid guidelines and policies. The knowledge of biotechnology is of great benefit to mankind and it is best to use it for the betterment of the world.