It's no wonder then that Transcription in India is an industry that will continue to grow and flourish

Medical Transcription can be quite an interesting and profitable career and is quite easily one of the fastest growing areas when it comes to health cares.

Medical Transcription can be quite an interesting and profitable career and is quite easily one of the fastest growing areas when it comes to health cares. Medical records that are dictated by doctors (or their secretaries/nurses) into a tape or onto a digital voice processing system are accurately and swiftly transcribed i.e. converted into a word document, by the MT or MLS (medical language specialist). Medical Transcription in India refers to the process of outsourcing Medical Transcription to India instead of getting it done close to home.

The entire healthcare industry in the US is based on insurance. Therefore, detailed medical records are needed for processing insurance claims. As a result, MTs are in high demand there, and the cost of getting the job done is also very high. India is a very good locale for Medical transcription outsourcing this work due to a number of factors. They have a huge mass of English-speaking and computer-literate people in this country. Moreover, the difference in time zones between the US and India, makes it quite easy to return documents within the usual stipulated time frame of 24 hours.

A transcription service could range from a small home-based business to sophisticated, high-tech corporations, which employ large numbers of transcriptionists, proofers, quality analysts etc. Although the clientele is mostly in the US, British and even Australian doctors are beginning to consider India for Medical Transcription Services as work there is done quickly and well, at a fraction of the cost incurred in their own countries!!

India witnessed an “MT boom” a few years ago, with innumerable training institutes coming up all over the place. To be a good MT one needs good listening and language skills and knowledge of medical terms. Fluency in English with understanding of the American way of speech and accent is a must. A thorough knowledge of the AAMT (American Association for Medical Transcription) rules is also needed. A full-fledged training course would impart all this. Throughout his/her career an MT needs to keep up with changes in medical terminology, medical procedures etc. and have the ability to detect medical inconsistencies in dictation and fix poor grammar and syntax. One also needs patience, as the work tends to get monotonous and repetitive. Regular continuing education programs, which are comprehensive, are therefore essential to be successful in this field.

In the metros and major cities of India, many big business names have ventured into this field and are flourishing. Most of these companies have in-house training programs so that the trainees are assured of a job at the end of their course. d. A really conscientious and skilled Medical Transcription would earn a pretty decent salary. As the work can be done at home, it provides a wonderful opportunity for young, educated mothers who would otherwise have to put their careers on hold while their children grow up. Retired persons, the disabled or those who simply do not wish to venture out of their homes for earning, could all thrive in this career.