Intraoral Imaging – Bringing the Dentist and Patient Together

Intraoral Imaging technique enables to have a complete view of the whole mouth and clearly visualize the area having problem. Read and learn more about thi…

Don’t you hate it when your cosmetic dentist looks at your teeth and tells you what’s going and you have to just believe everything he says? Of course he isn’t lying, but along with describing your problem, it’s far easier to show you also. Well, thanks to state of the art advances in electronics on a miniature scale, intraoral imaging is a current way to show you rather than just tell.

What is it?

It’s a very small camera that your dentist will use as he’s examining your mouth. It’s the size of a pen and the tip of the devise is where the camera is located. With ease, the doctor presses a button and the images become visible on the TV monitor in the room. Because of the technology, he can examine your whole mouth and you can both see any areas that he would like to discuss with you.

What are the advantages of having this examination?

The dentist can show as well as tell – This was mentioned before, but needs to be mentioned again, because of the importance. By showing you exactly where the problem is and explaining to you what’s happening, you can receive better care and know that the problem actually exists as compared to having to trust your doctor.

Gives you an in-depth tour of your whole mouth – The technology is so advanced and the images have such great resolution that almost everything in the mouth can be seen with visual clarity. Some examples include: Plaque, worn fillings, dental lesions, alignment problems, broken filling, broken teeth, tartar, new decay and the list could go on. Basically, you’ll know exactly what the problem is through the lens of the camera.

Better treatment outcomes – When you know and can see exactly what’s going on, that’s going to give you the motivation to receive the treatment that’s necessary to fix any problems. For example, when your dental practitioner tells you that you have new decay on your teeth or gums, you believe him, but you might not think it’s as bad as he tells you. Seeing it yourself can make it a reality and his treatment suggestions just might be taken more seriously. When both the patient and doctor see the problem at the same time, it can only help for better evaluations and prevent misunderstandings.

More accurate images for insurance billing – It only makes sense that the more accurate and clear images and information is presented to insurance companies, the easier it will be to have procedures approved for payment.

In conclusion, a quality cosmetic dentist now uses intraoral imaging cameras to provide the best evaluation, which translates into better communication between patient and doctor as well as care with each procedure.