Internet Pharmacy – One click Pharmacy

Online pharmacies work over internet. The basic difference between an online pharmacy and a physical pharmacy is that you do not have to visit a chain of c…

Most of the internet pharmacies require prescription to deliver the drugs. However, there are few which does not require it. This all depends on the norms of regulatory body of the country you live.

These days, the Internet pharmacies also employ medical practitioners who examine the prescription and suggest medicines. To make themselves reliable and safe, they employ only licensed physicians. Make sure to visit a doctor in person before you buy drugs from an online chemist and buy only the drugs prescribed by him.

Before you opt to buy from an internet chemist, check whether these online chemists are regulated by the authorities like Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The internet chemist receives prescriptions directly from a medical practitioner and delivers the prescribed drugs to the person making it convenient for the patients.

Not only in the developed countries, the concept of internet pharmacy is also gaining momentum in the developing countries and delivers the drugs to several other countries. The products that you buy over the counter of a local chemist are also available in an internet pharmacy. The range of products that internet pharmacy offers include healthcare, beauty, cosmetics, fragrances, perfumes etc. These pharmacies also sell pet products.

Buying a drug from an online chemist not only saves hundreds of bucks but also provide you a means to purchase it at the comfort of your home. Its other advantages are that you get a variety of medicines to choose from and the licensed physician help you choose one according to your prescription, purchase is more convenient, cheaper than the physical chemist stores and the same quality. It also offers discounted drugs.

The services of these online pharmacies are quite fast. They also keep track of the dosage you have ordered and remind you to refill your order in order to prevent you without being a dose.

Because of the automated processes, the online pharmacies help expedite the process of delivering the medicines. On the other hand, the traditional chemists take longer for the same which involve personally visiting the chemist.  Sometimes the traditional pharmacies fall short of stock that only delays in providing the medicines whereas the online chemist stores the medicines in bulk and you can place an order for a drug anytime and from anywhere.

Also, because of the mechanism in distributing the drugs till reaching the end-consumer that involves many channels, the cost of a drug becomes high. Nowadays, the manufacturer directly sells the drugs to internet pharmacies where a person can buy a drug from at a much cheaper rate.