HSU: Dedicated to the wellbeing of health care workers

Australia boasts of one the best health care systems in the world and this high class health care system is a result of the constant hard work of health wo…

Australia boasts of one the best healthcare systems in the world and this high class health care system is a result of the constant hard work of health workers. The HSU not only covers health workers, professionals and aged care staff but also includes workers in food services, cleaning, maintenance, medical records, radiography, pharmacy, social work, finance, IT, dietetics, dentistry and more.

Except for registered nurses, most staff in disabilities and aged care are covered under the Health Services Union. Do you work for the public health, private health or aged care in NSW? Are you part of some disability service or Ambulance Service? If so, become a member of HSU and enjoy several benefits!

Journey Insurance: Journey Insurance is an insurance that covers you for any injuries on your way to or from work. The NSW government had taken away this insurance in 2012. The Health Services Union or HSU has given it back to its members and that too at no added cost.

In case you face a loss of income due to injury while travelling to work or getting back from work, you get an income support of 85 % of your weekly wage to a max of $1500 every week. The insurance also includes death benefits and range of payments for specific injuries.

Legal Services: Becoming a member of HSU entitles you to free initial general advice on issues outside employment. Enjoy great discounts on services as conveyancing, private legal disputes or family law.

Getting a Will is now Easy – HSU members & their spouse/partner are provided with a standard Will free of cost. You can get your Will online or opt for face to face option whatever suits you. Apart from this you can get standard Wills for other family members, complex Wills or Powers of Attorney all provided to members at the most competitive rates. Expert solicitors work with members & families to evaluate issues and offer legal advice on guardianship disputes, will disputes, probate and administration.

Bereavement Benefits: In case of death of an HSU member, the next of the kin gets a bereavement benefit of $10,000 that comes across as a huge help in times of grief and crisis.

Apart from these benefits, HSU is involved in several campaigns aimed to make life of its members better and comfortable. Some of these campaigns include:

  • $1000 No Way campaign that
  • Ambulance Paramedics campaign
  • Know Workplace bullying
  • R u Safe in your hospital campaign