How To Select the Right Air Ambulance Company

There are a few main concerns that are needed to be addressed when looking for an air ambulance company. Some of these areas are: what type of medical equi…

What if you’re faced with needing an air ambulance company? How do you go about finding the right one? There are many types of air ambulance medical flight companies and all offer different services and aircrafts. So, where do you start? What do you look for? Well, to begin with, make sure you are dealing with a licensed company. Also, there are two types of air ambulance providers. The first is a broker. These companies’ help find you an air ambulance transport service, but don’t own and operate their own fleet of aircrafts. The other is an owner-operator company. These companies own and operate their own fleet of aircrafts and maintain them as well.¬† This is important because they know the history of their planes, maintenance records and safety records. Typically, a broker that is brokering and coordinating an air ambulance medical flight, does not know the maintenance, safety and service records on the jets that are being used.

The other consideration is what type of medical personnel are on the flights. There are only a few air medical flight companies that own, operate and maintain their planes and have trained flight paramedics and flight nurses that travel with every patient. These companies generally use state of the art, fast, high flying jets. The advantage to operating jets is that they have longer ranges, fly higher, in smooth air and are more comfortable than traditional prop planes. These companies that have their own on-staff nurses and paramedics have generally worked together for a long period of time and are familiar with the jets that are used for patient transport. Having this familiarity of the team and the jet is important in case there is an emergency that needs to be addressed while in the air. Plus there is more room on board for family members and even a pet.

You’ll want to make sure that the planes are outfitted with the latest medical equipment and devices. Most air ambulances have a custom stretcher, IV, heart monitor and more. ¬†Another important factor is the ability for the company to help you by contacting your insurance company, filing paperwork and giving you step by step guidance. A full service company will also provide bedside-to-bedside care, meaning that they will be with the patient from the time they are picked up at the hospital or facility, during the ground transportation, in flight and to the new hospital or facility. This type of air ambulance medical flight provider is considered a high quality company.