How to Grow Hair Faster – Treat the Causes of Hair Loss at the Roots

Hair loss is nothing to be alarmed about, and happens to a very high percentage of the population. Still, it can be a frustrating occurrence to contend wit…

Hair loss is nothing to be alarmed about, and happens to a very high percentage of the population. Still, it can be a frustrating occurrence to contend with. During any time in life, a big cause for hair loss is changes in hormone levels, which means to grow hair faster a man and woman can use hormones to battle their symptoms and grow a lush, healthy head of hair. There are many causes aside from hormonal reasons as well that hair may not be growing at the rate that one would like. Major shocks to the system or malnutrition cause hair to fall out.

There are two hormones that come into play when it comes to hair growth, estrogen and testosterone. Therefore for more rapid hair growth, you could take supplements of either of these two hormones. Estrogen is responsible for controlling the hair growth rate, and makes sure that is stays on the head for a lengthy period of time. By increasing the body’s estrogen levels, you can walk away with a head of thick, healthy hair. Testosterone is also a major player in the life cycle of hair growth, and changing levels of this are what lead to male pattern baldness.

Other causes of hair thinning or loss that should be addressed if a person wants to increase the speed of hair growth include health and psychological reasons. Stress or anxiety can lead to thinning hair, as can vitamin deficiencies. Taking time out to relax, including the possibility of alternative therapies including yoga and massage can go a long way towards reducing overall stress levels and helping hair grow back not only faster but stronger as well.

Visiting a health care professional to evaluate what your probable causes of thinning hair are is one good first step to take towards increasing hair grow rates. A doctor can help identify what the causes may be, and recommend products or treatments that will act directly on these causes and put a stop to the thinning. Growing hair doesn’t have to be a difficult process, but it is one that takes a little bit of time and effort. There is no miracle product that will get hair to grow immediately, but there are certainly oils and creams on the market that will help it to grow at a more rapid rate.

If none of these plans are working, there are of course wigs and hats that can be used to hide the problem; or you could shave your head completely and go for the bald look, which is actually in fashion. However these should be used after considering the myriad product options on the market that can help with the hair loss problem. A person can fight hair loss with de-stressing techniques combined with nutritional supplements or hair growth products that stimulate hair production. These are generally easy to use at home and can help raise overall feelings of self-esteem. By taking the time to do a little research into the causes of hair loss, you can help reverse the condition.